Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Eventing Bingo: Adventures at Rolex

In case you somehow have found my blog without following Emma, which I believe gives you true cave troll status. She is running a contest and this is my entry for it. (PS Emma, I am using Card G column N).

Anyone that knows me knows, I adore Michael Jung and probably have a weird obsession with his horses, especially FischerRocana FST.  Sadly, she looks nothing like Stinker, so I had to make due with FischerTakinou.  Armed with some red face paint to fix his blaze I came up with a scheme to swap Stinker and Takinou at Rolex.  What can go wrong with that plan?

Totally the same thing

Per usual, it was pouring down the rain at Rolex, but it provided a nice cover to sneak into the stabling and make the swap while the groom was busy with Rocana.  Unfortunately, my luck didn't last long and the alarm was sounded.  I tried to casually trot him towards the cross country course, but we soon had police in pursuit.

The golf carts were rapidly closing in on us, so I decided to try and jump the smallest fence I could find.  He refused it and took off in a gallop.  As we tore around the course, I couldn't see because of the down pouring rain, but I finally got him back to a trot.  Unfortunately, we were headed straight towards the head of the lake at a trot.

via GIPHY (like this, but without the excuse of a second jump)

Takinou was beautiful over the fence, I was not so lucky and ended up in the water.  He took off for the stabling, and some how everyone missed me laying in the water.  Thankfully, I was able to sneak away and avoid being arrested, because I am a true tack ho at heart.


  1. While I'm super sad your ingenious plan failed, it would be super sad if you had to forgo all the fun tack because you couldn't shop from jail! 😂 Especially those purple ME bell boots.... 😋😎 Haha

    1. THAT THEY DON'T HAVE IN STOCK. It is a terrible tragedy

  2. bahaha i love the gifs!!! also excellent plot in trying to get Michael Jung to unsuspectingly pilot your lovely Stinker to what must have been certain glory! here's to staying free to keep shopping another day!!

    1. Pretty sure he wouldn't be saying "ja he gave me a good feeling." 😂