Thursday, March 31, 2022

Whoops March Happened

I totally lost track of time and I don't know what happened to March. It's been a pretty quiet month. Karma and I are plugging along. There isn't a whole lot to write about, but we are adding a bit of riding back in. She's looking much stronger and more mature. I am so over the midwest winter and desperately want to get back to the outdoor. We are in the wonderful mud season and the tease of good weather.

Very redneck set up. Karma is fussy with her mouth so I am riding off the flat halter and she just carries the bit

Last weekend it snowed and I couldn't summon the energy to go out to the barn. It was cold and gross. Currently it can't decide if it wants to rain or snow which just results in me being cranky and sulky. Bob demands his walks so while I whine he at least gets me out of the house.

Why can't we go walk?

I am super excited for better weather and hopefully some time on the trails, which always improves my mood. I spent half the winter with the truck in the shop. I ended up having to replace the turbo, which wasn't an uncommon problem. At least everything is in good working order now and I have found a decent diesel mechanic. I am hoping to make a few trips to trainers this summer. Currently only set to three because I was worried about diesel prices and how much wiggle room I have in my budget.


  1. Can't get over Bob's face. He's so adorable!

  2. March (and early April) are the hardest. You get those teaser days of nice weather and then winter is like FOOLED YA! I hope things thaw out and dry up soon so you can get back outside!