Monday, August 31, 2015


Well I did something idiotic and I highly recommend people do not follow my course of actions. When I got out to the barn a few people said they were going on a trail ride and I thought that sounded awesome so I said I would join. I got Stinker tacked up (saddle pad and surcingle). I waited for every one else to get on since waiting is not a strong point and I'm picking my battles.

I started to mount. Since he is rather excitable I try not to flop against him, so my standard flop and wiggle doesn't work for getting on bareback. I had one leg over his back and realized my reins were long and I thought I can make it. I pushed off and thought "you are an idiot". Sure enough he moved forward (pretty standard) and I flopped on his side half on half off. He spooked and since I'm six feet and he is 15.3 hands my foot wasn't too far off the ground, I decided the ground was a better option than clinging. My plan was to drop my foot to the ground and hold on to him.

Well my foot hit the ground on the side. I felt my ankle go. My other foot was still in the process of swinging off him I went down. I landed on the gravel of the driveway left forearm first, skidding onto my back. I felt my helmet hit. Stinker went off down the driveway and I sat up.

A checked on me I said I was fine, so he went to get Stinker. I laid there for awhile waiting for my ankle to stop throbbing. I glanced at my wrist and decided nothing was too bad. A hadn't seemed concerned about my shoulders so I decided they were fine plus they hurt the least. I started wondering where the hell my horse was so I got up and hobbled around the corner of the barn. The little turkey wasn't letting A anywhere near him. So I hobbled over growled his name and he was just like "oh hey there you are what's up."  At this point I'm pissed. I'm mad at myself for being stupid and mad that my ankle is hurt.

I take stock of my options which are turn Stinker loose or climb on and ride him. I vote for climbing. Keep in mind my left ankle is sprained my left wrist and both shoulders have road rash which has not been cleaned. But me being the stubborn idiot I am I take Stinker in the ring make A hold him and climb on. As soon as my butt hits him he is off. I'm going what the eff is wrong with me. Everything hurts but I don't want to quit.

I get him calmed (this is a relatively term. He is prancing and excited but I have control over trot vs canter). I have A turn us out and off we go on the trail ride. I'm fighting tears and still going. Who is an idiot? This one.

As we go along I can feel my ankle swelling my wrist hurts like hell and my right shoulder isn't feeling too great. And I discover the other girls want to go up to a pasture and gallop. I'm thinking "fuck fuck fuck if they all gallop I'm going to have to otherwise Stinker will have a fit and I can't stick that."

Thankfully they decided to gallop one at a time so Stinker is doing all right keeping his brain functional. At this point he is drenched in sweat since he won't stop moving. I watch them go around and I decide I want to give it a go. Yep that is correct I'm hurting, bareback, and already came off once and going to gallop. IDIOT

It started off rough. He tried to take me into the trees. For some odd reason (throbbing ankle anyone???) my leg wasn't being very effective. We got it lined out and he was really good. He let me dictate the pace. I did turn him loose on the one side. Super smart of me but it was fine and he came right back to me.

I probably have too much faith in this horse but he has never shown and desire to be bad. His biggest problem is he is too damn smart. He gets caught up in his head and can't handle life. I can sympathize with that because I can't handle life sometimes and I am *supposed* to be smart.

After every one got their gallop fixes we went to the creek to play in the water. Stinker wouldn't stop. Shocking I know. He plowed through the water. I kept thinking he would want a drink considering it was hot, he was drenched, and blowing slightly. But when I let him go to drink he would plow somewhere else. We went in the shallow water, the deep water, the soggy places, and everything in between. I think he had fun in the water.

At this point I was just done. Everything was throbbing and I was tired. He was s good boy on the way home and walked for the most part. I got him untacked and hosed off. I then went to the house and got myself cleaned up and put antibiotic ointment on all my road rash. I didn't do anything to my ankle because I was scared the boot wasn't going back on and I needed to go into work (requires shoes).

Once I got home, I took my boot off which hurt like hell. I had already lost a lot of flexibility. It was swollen but no apparent bruising so I took a shower and wrapped it. The next day it was bruising and was quite fat. I hobbled around a bit but mostly tried to take it easy. The following day it was so swollen that I couldn't bend my toes. I decided I needed to get a MD opinion instead of a PhD and a DVM/PhD opinion.

They put me in a boot. Which is probably going to speed the healing process. It has made work much more bearable. For some reason it isn't good to stand on a sprained ankle for long periods of time. I'm making myself finish out the week and I can ride bareback this weekend. I didn't ask the doctor about riding so I'm not breaking orders. Like I said I don't recommend this for other people but I'm an idiot who needs her Stinker fix.

Stop reading if you don't want to see pictures of my scrapes and fat ankle.

It turned lots of pretty colors and was quite fat for several days.  I still (9 days later) can't ride with stirrups.  I am hoping that I can by Thursday.

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