Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Update

It was a pretty quiet weekend overall.  I finally got to breathe from work and was super lazy.  It was pretty amazing actually.  Since I had to work last weekend everything was pretty much a blur last week and while I am a morning person, it sucks getting into to work at 5 AM.  The things we do for our ponies.

Cute remodel Stinker...

Stinker had kicked another board out of his stall and since he has gotten his hind shoes he has been doing a number on the wall.  So ashamed of my asshole horse.  Saturday I had a decent ride on him and filmed it for a video lesson (which I am super behind on blogging about them).  I then rode Pongo.  I am so out of shape when it comes to riding two horses.

Pongo was pretty good, we did dressage in a jump saddle.  He didn't appreciate my insistence that he stay soft and move off my legs.  We did lots of lateral work.  Leg yields, shoulder ins, and what not.  His leg yields are pretty good.  The shoulder in leaves a bit to be desired, but I think part of that is me.  I am much better at cueing leg yields than shoulder ins.  Overall, I was pleased with him.

At least I think he is cute...

Saturday evening we had a surprise birthday party for the barn owner and it was really nice.  Somehow he managed to surprise him, even though he got totally fed up with the girls that were suppose to keep him distracted and out of his house.  He even offered the one driving $100 if she would take him back to the barn.  This is the girl that you can get to do just about anything for $0.25.

Sunday, I was exhausted and didn't end up riding.  I gave Stinker his meds and told him he was pretty.  Then I went to check out the pig and ducks the girls had gotten.  The barn owner is a total softy and I am praying that the pig stays little and doesn't turn out to be a 600 lb boar (it is a boy...).  It is pretty cute and I will get picks of all the baby animals later.  It was dark when I was out there.

My idea of adulting at its best.

Stinker is getting his teeth done...(I am still reeling from the last bill.)  So far I am over a grand in vet bills for this year.  In other exciting news I *might* get to go to Florida and ride with an instructor from Denmark.  That isn't set in stone, because you know work and the whole I need a job to pay for said Stinker pony.  Depending on the budget, I might send him anyway and have S ride him if I can't go.


  1. ohh!! Florida sounds like fun! Hoping you get to go!!

  2. oh man, he really is putting some work into that 'remodel,' eh? i wonder if hanging rubber mats from the wall would help? the $900fb pony just posted a link to a wholesaler in her last trailer update, can't remember the company tho.

    anyway tho, glad work is slowing down a little bit - hope you get to enjoy more time with both of the ponehs! and even more exciting about the prospect of Florida!!

    1. That he is...I asked if they wanted me to get some mats to hang and they told me not to worry about it. And he doesn't appear to be doing any damage to himself, so I guess I will just hang my head in shame.

      Florida would be amazing and I'm really hoping it works out.

  3. Sitnker is pretty good at renos! I hear you on the early mornings, while I do like them, by the time afternoon comes I'm kind of done with the world and not overly motivated to ride.

    1. I am so much more efficient in the mornings. No one is around and I can get tons done, but it is exhausting. If I don't go straight to the barn I rapidly lose motivation.

      If the ever decide to renovate the barn he and S's mare can do the demolition work...