Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hos Gonna Ho

Also known as a very long round about way of justifying any purchase.  This all started way back when I first got Stinker.  D was sponsored by Eponia and I fell in love with their bridles.  When I upgraded Stinker's bridle I ended up going with PS of Sweden because of the elastic cradles.  Which at the time was a good choice, because they seemed to help him learn to trust the connection.

First bridle

Needless to say I have been lusting after the Eponia bridles (and the purple hackamore) ever since.  I begged SB to go touch them when she went to Rolex last year and was ecstatic when she bought brownie.  I was a little less ecstatic when I discovered it was horse and not cob sized and was never in a million years going to fit Stinker.  But that doesn't mean I didn't buy it off her with the justification that I could use it on Cowboy.

So delicious

Then I got a super awesome bonnet during the black friday from If The Bonnet Fits.  The bonnet just happens to match the topline that I got from SB (#teamfundZB).  The topline has been living on the bridle (also acquired from SB) I use for long lining, but I used it for a lesson a couple weeks ago and hated the fit.

Couldn't handle it

Then it just so happened that ITBF posted and browband less Eponia for sale.  It was black and cob sized.  I tried to tell myself I didn't need it (but I really did).  I tried to tell myself I didn't have the money (I can always find money for tack).  Then I said screw it the topline deserves an Eponia bridle.

Pretty sparkles need pretty leather

So I got it and then sat around one evening sniffing my bridle.  It smells like delicious leather because it is delicious leather.  I did manage to stop sniffing it long enough to use it a couple of times.  My only complaint is there are so many buckles.  With my PS I don't have to undo the cavesson to slide it on and off, so it requires zero buckling.  The Eponia has a throat latch and I have to undo the cavesson.  It is much #effor


  1. *giggles*

    Thanks for tack ho-ing for those of us who have been super boring tack hos this year. Also dibs if you ever decide to get rid of it ;)

    1. You are more likely to get a shot at brownie than this one ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I mean, it was exactly what you needed. You didn't even have to pay for a browband you didn't need. You HAD to do it! Looks beautiful!

  3. I think that you are making great investments. Not spending money needlessly. Nope. #enabling

    1. Having two bridles is a total time saver. Definitely a need

  4. Well now I just want another eponia. Super loved brownie. GAH STOP BUYING TACK SB.