Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016 Quarter 3 Goals

Time has flown by and I really haven't given my goals much thought since I wrote them.  I was pleasantly surprised that I have actually done fairly well with them.  Yay go me for setting reasonable goals for a change.  I tend to have high expectations that don't always align with reality.

The girls made us a sign.  Too bad he pulled it off in less than 30 seconds.

Year Goals
  • Happy healthy Stinker (This is going well despite my many freak outs)
  • Happy healthy human (The healthy part is still a work in progress but I am making steps in the right direction)
  • Continue to get muscle in the right places (Yep this is happening)
  • Continue to build up strength (This is happening also)
  • Consistent walk trot with leg yields (All happening and we have added in the shoulder fore)
Quarter 2 Human Goals
  • Eat more vegetables (Happening with much protesting and not giving myself other options)
  • Exercise outside of riding (I have been running and doing a much better job about walking)
Quarter 2 Stinker Goals
  • Get thrush cleared up and keep a better eye on things (check.  At least I learn from my mistakes?)
  • Start phasing out draw reins (Done.  I basically went cold turkey and while they served their purpose I am happy to have them gone.)
  • Keep building muscle (Apparently extra important because it is a double whammy.  We have been progressing)
  • Transitions and leg yields (The leg yields have been going well, but I need to work more on transitions)
At least he has learned to stand quietly while I fiddle with the SoloShot

Quarter 3 Human Goals
  • Continue to eat more vegetables
  • Run two to three times a week (As it keeps getting hotter this may not happen, because I don't want to die, but if I am not running I need to walk)
  • Yoga to keep hips limber
Quarter 3 Stinker Goals
  • Keep building muscle and strength
  • More trot work (This will be heat dependent.  I would rather hold off on the trot than stress him by increasing his work load mid summer)
  • Transitions, leg yields, and shoulder fore
I have been really pleased with his progress and hopefully we can keep things on the right path.  I would love to have him strong enough to start cantering this winter, but I am hesitant to really put that as a goal.  I feel like if I make it a goal I am more likely to push him harder and right now he needs time and correct work more than anything.


  1. I love goals, sounds like you are making decent progress

    1. I love goals too and we have made more progress than I was actually expecting!

  2. don't ya just love it when you check back in and things are more on track than you realized? stinker sounds like he's doing so well!

    1. It was a really nice feeling. I've gotten used to things not going as planned and being on track for once was really nice.