Saturday, December 5, 2015

Goals: Review and 2016

It is a little early for this, but whatever.  It is my blog and I do what I want.  First let's review the goals I set for the final quarter in 2015.

Goals for human:  I will sum this up with a big fat nope...
  • Increase core strength so I can ride a certain little Stinker Pony...
  • Ride in 2 point at least twice a week on my own. S typically makes me do some during our lessons but I have to wait until my ankle is stronger.
  • Be able to run (aka slow jog) 5k by the end of December.
My core strength might have improved a smudge, but not to the extent I was aiming for.  The two point was a massive fail, mainly due to focusing on dressage and I can NOT two point in a dressage saddle.  People tell me you can do it, but I can't to save my life.  The "slow job" (typo oops) hasn't happened due to my ankle.  I still have a gimp at anything faster than a walk.  WTF ankle get better already.

Goals for Stinker:  This was actually a success.
  • Stay healthy!!!
  • Continue to work on relaxing and rhythm. 
  • Work on stretching.
  • Gallop once a week.
  • Left bend!
I didn't gallop once a week, but everything else is on track and I am pleased with our progress.

Goals for Pongo:  This was also a success.
  • Continue to work on consistency.
  • Focus on bending through the rib cage
  • Jump at least once a week (this must wait on the ankle)
  • Ride the high side to continue to work on loosening the right hind

We did lose some consistency when the number of rides got reduced, but he is getting much snappier at coming back to where we were at.  It doesn't take an entire ride to get him to soften and push from behind.  The bend is making progress and we nailed the jumping.  My highlight was how positive Sinead Halpin was in regards to him.  I haven't been having any issues with the right hind, so I am calling that a win.

2016 Goals

Year Goals:
  • Training level dressage at a schooling show late spring or early summer.
  • Horse Trial at a schooling show late fall or early winter.
  • Solid First level work at home by late fall or early winter.
Quarterly Goals Human:
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps per day (15,000 if riding one horse; 20,000 if riding two horses).
  • Yoga three times a week to get the hip flexors back in working order.
  • More two point (I should have a jump saddle in January so NO EXCUSES!!!!).
Quarterly Goals Stinker:
  • Get dressage saddle figured out (This needs to happen ASAP, because I feel terrible that I think I have ridden in S's saddle more than she has).
  • Continue to work on rhythm and relaxation in all gaits.
  • Get more suppleness at the canter (aka take that freaking neck away).
  • Leg Yields!!!  I love leg yields because they are one of my favorite training tools (it might change once I have more tools), but right now I am very confident in my ability to teach a horse to leg yield.


  1. great goals - my fingers are crossed that your ankle speeds up its healing process asap too!

    1. Me too. It used to be my "good" ankle now not so much. On the bright side it doesn't hurt so it is just more of an annoyance.