Thursday, December 24, 2015

I Love My Pony

So, Stinker totally saved my butt this weekend.  I switched up my half pad and forgot that with the memory foam I need to tighten up the girth after I get on.  We made it about six minutes into the video and he started cantering.  I guess in my attempts to alter things I got myself off balance and well you can see below the result, in three formats (because why not).

 We have going....
 And Almost Gone

I would not have blamed him in the least if he had spooked and departed the other direction.  I should have been on the ground.  Instead he calmly stopped, let me get off on the incorrect side, and get everything fixed.  For crying out loud, I was clinging like a monkey to his neck by the end.

I would have cried, because I was in S's basically new saddle.  That would have been lovely to explain...Needless to say Stinker has earned his keep and all the cookies he can eat.  I am so proud of him for keeping it together and not freaking out.  A few months ago, he would have been ready to exit stage left without having the excuse of a floppy monkey on his back.

PS This did inspire me to stop procrastinating and update my helmet, because I love my head.


  1. omg what a good boy Stinker!!!!

    1. I was so happy he didn't dump me. I wouldn't have blamed him at all.