Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Packing Panic

I don't know why I come up with supposedly bright ideas.  They always come back and bite me in the ass.  My latest and greatest was to schedule the trip to Florida for the boot camp right after I get back from Christmas with my family.  Seems like a good idea right?  I already have the time off from work, and it worked for S's schedule.

Wrong, I am going to Colorado for Christmas, so that means I am now freaking out that it will snow and my plane will get delayed.  Then, I realized I won't really have time to pack when I get back.  I will be lucky if I get my overlapping laundry done.  So, I get to figure out how to pack for Colorado and fit it all into a carry on.  That part is manageable, the part I am freaking out is the first overnight with the pony.

Gatsby Says "Don't forget the sweat scraper!"

Please help me fill out my list:

Horse (I may be so exhausted from children that I forget him)
Halter + Lead
Blankets + Cooler
Buckets + Hay Nets
Hay, Grain, Supplements
Grooming Supplies (I am going to take my whole bag, so I don't have to worry about the specifics)
First Aid Supplies (I have a bag that I am going to pop in the trunk with all my normal barn stuff)
Boots + Wraps
Saddle(s) + Saddle Pads + Half Pads
Bridle + Draw Reins
Coggins + Health Certificate
Towels + Body Sponge
Tack Cleaning Supplies

Me (Again I feel like this might be a real possibility)
Helmet (I've got a new one)
Riding Boots + Barn Boots (no need for whip or spurs)
Gloves (Winter + Riding)
Riding Pants
Riding Shirts
Pajamas (I forget these all the time and I don't think the girls want to see me running around pantless)
Sport Bras, Socks, Etc.
Vest + Jackets
Snacks + Water Bottle + Travel Mug
Normal Clothes
Electronic Toys (Video Camera, Charger, Etc.)

I am 100% sure I am forgetting things, but I can't think of them to save my life.  So help a girl out and maybe save me a few ulcers.

I don't do selfies well, but Stinker makes up for it.


  1. What if you packed everything you need while in Florida into one duffle bag, everything for Colorado into a proper suitcase or bag (because airplane), and anything you need at both into like a garbage bag so it's easy lift out of one and into the other?

    I know for Thanksgiving I did a trip to visit family (in the car though) and my husband dropped me off at the barn on our way home to go to a horse show. I ended up packing everything I needed and reorganizing while we were away.

    Have a good visit! Sounds like a good trip and worth it to work out the details! I feel like you've hit the most important things on the list, anything else can be borrowed!

    1. I like the bag for overlapping things. I hadn't thought of that. And that makes me feel better about hitting the most important things on the list. I'm pretty sure I'll manage as long as I get the horse, tack, helmet, and horse's food.

  2. oh man i totally understand your stress - but actually it's such an exciting plan that i'd be more pumped than stressed. i try to be kinda zen about forgotten items anyway bc almost everything can be replaced and theoretically ppl will have some supplies where you're going just in case.

    as it is, tho, your lists look pretty comprehensive. maybe double up on the halter/lead (just in case), and maybe bridle too... and i always pack more socks than i think i'll need. maybe add some treats to the pile too? can't really think of much else... good luck tho!

    1. I am super talented and excitement and anxiety can both be prevalent in high amounts...
      And thank you for the treat reminder. I am almost out and totally forgot...

  3. I agree with emma...an extra halter and lead isnt a bad idea but your list looks pretty darn inclusive :) The fact youre preparing now is already a step in the right direction and hopefully helping you not be so anxious?!

    1. I'm always anxious. If I don't have something to worry about I find something... I try to sell it as part of my charm. I think most people accept it as part of my crazy :)