Monday, April 18, 2016

Awards They Should Give

A couple of weeks ago, Megan at A Enter Spooking posted about Realistic Awards.  I am totally jumping on the bandwagon and creating realistic awards for both Stinker and I (since I fail at adulting frequently).

First up in third place we have....

In second place we have....

And finally in first place we have....


  1. Ha these are awesome! I've seen one that says "cried but did the thing anyway" - totally relatable lol

  2. LOL at the mac and cheese plus cider! It's a fav around my house.

  3. Haha! Alternatively "I got more soap and water on myself than my horse".

  4. Wait are there people that manage not to do that???? Stinker is not a fan and shakes like a dog so that happens even when he just gets hosed off.