Thursday, May 28, 2020

Almost Disney

I finally was able to go out and see Karma this week. It was a short visit. She looks great and maybe grew. I can't ever decide mostly I just panic that she isn't going to be tall enough for me. She hasn't even turned 3 yet. Maybe I will torture her with birthday things.

Living the best feral life

We had a totally magical if Disney was reality moment too. The last time I was out there the pasture was still cut back to the winter size and has since been opened up. I knew the general direction it extended but I didn't realize just how far back it went.

She was good for her farrier appointment despite not being touched since her last one

I couldn't see the horses so I just started walking towards the back of the pasture. And kept going, finally when I was starting to wonder if they were actually in that pasture I saw her over a rise. When she saw me coming she came racing up to me and stopped right in front of me. Right as I reached out to greet her she realized all of her buddies had kept going so she took off again. All the way up to the front of the pasture.

I was much more excited than she was

So I trucked my way back up there and that time she happily greeted me with no dramatics. It was raining intermittently and she was disgusting so I just took her out fed her apples and checked to make sure that all legs were attached with no issues then tossed her back out. It was lovely to see her again. The last few weeks have been rough because it was the one year anniversary of my dad's death and it kept hitting me at random times.