Wednesday, October 27, 2021


We have a ways to go with the canter, it isn't as good as I have seen her give, but she's young and has time to develop strength and balance.
She is still curling, but I am able to get a bit of contact. I think that with strength and balance I will be able to generate the power that will bring her nose out.


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

October Update

Things have been pretty quiet of late. I am plugging away with virtual lessons and trying to work through the contact issues. I've been taking Karma out on more trail rides. I actually took a vacation to spend some time with my mom and work through her honey do list.

Super helpful Stinker

I haven't said much about the contact problems because young horse, but I am coming to the conclusion that Karma is always going to be a bit tricky in the contact for me. It is a combination of her plus my own habits. Little mare isn't dumb and takes full advantage of my weaknesses. Hopefully with time and consistency we will work through it, I just can't slack off and let my old habits creep back in and let her convince me that should be status quo.

So very helpful boys (I was changing out the valve for the auto waterer)

For the most part the long rides have gone smoothly. I might have gotten off trail on the one (only to discover after the fact that there is a gps map of the trail, which would have been nice to know prior). Everyone survived. Karma was not pleased with me and basically said screw the stupid human and started plowing her way back towards the trailer. On the plus side if we do get lost she will get us back to the trailer. On the downside if I ever come off I am probably walking back. Gotta love a smart mare.

I got to restack hay to make room for the new hay

It was good to see my mom and the boys. I didn't end up riding, but I did learn how to change the heater and control valve in the nelson automatic waterers. I also had the fun job of restacking the hay so we could buy the hay for the rest of the year. I got my mom to buy some early before prices really jumped, so only have the hay was stupid expensive. It has never been cheap, but this year was rather vomit inducing. Hopefully next year will be better.

I did get out and go for a short walk the one day

I had previously been on a fixed term position with the intent to move back after my two years were up, but I ended up being offered and taking a permanent position here. So it looks like I will spend a bit more time in the midwest. I miss being out west, but the job options for my overeducated self are basically the bay area or other major cities which don't hold a lot of appeal to me.

Fall has been very slow coming

Moving barns and getting the truck/trailer has made me enjoy my off time a lot more. The barn I was at had an amazing barn owner and fantastic care, but I was there for 1.5 years and I didn't know any of the other boarders and it felt very lonely. Karma seems very happy at the new place. I see people (I don't talk a whole lot, because awkward turtle, but I see people) and it's only about 20 minutes to great trails.