About Me

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Colorado and I can't remember not riding.  I have always loved horses and my parents couldn't keep me away from them.  Luckily they had very good baby sitter horses that allowed me to survive my younger years. I showed Western in middle school and high school, but wasn't that interested in it.  I went to college in Kentucky on academic and basketball scholarship and essentially stopped riding.  After graduation I move to Georgia to get my PhD and while I was in grad school, I realized how much I missed horses.

I am the wee one in the back.

I picked a barn off the internet (literally the only one I could find a price for lessons and had lesson horses).  I said I wanted to jump but they made me start off with dressage.  I hadn't ridden consistently in about 7ish years.  I was very lucky, because about six months after I started riding again D because the assistant instructor.  D got me hooked on dressage and before she left (I think it was between 1.5-2 years) she had me schooling all of second level and I briefly leased the wonderful mare that taught me so much.  After she left things weren't so great at that barn but I was graduating and moving anyway.

Pre D attempting to dressage

Once I moved for my job, I was looking for a barn.  Initially, I was looking for a place to do dressage, but I was limited to places that had lesson horses.  I went to a few lessons before I stumbled across an eventing barn.  I liked it and so I stayed (they may or may not regret that decision).  I quickly realized that the lesson horses weren't going to cut it for me and I didn't want to lease again, so I started looking for a horse of my own.  Things did not go smoothly when I first got Stinker, and I got the chance to work with Pongo and learn how to jump finally.  Skip on over to Stinker's page to learn more about his story.

I moved half way across the country to the western side of things in the summer of 2017.  And I am now keeping Stinker at home along with my mom's horse Cowboy.  I am solely focused on dressage due to Stinker's health limitations, but eventually would like future horse to be able to event and do dressage.  We play on the trails a lot, I have gotten the opportunity to do a couple of limited distance endurance rides, and dabble in whatever comes along to keep things fresh.

Once again life changed. In early 2020 I moved to the midwest for work. Stinker and Cowboy stayed with my mom and I brought Karma with me. I started her in the fall of 2020. We are mostly focusing on dressage and becoming a solid all around horse.

Life Goals

  • Earn all my USDF medals
  • Complete a Beginner Novice Horse Trial

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