Sunday, December 20, 2015

Video Lesson #16: Big Boy Pants

I was so proud of him with this ride.  When I led him up to the dressage pasture, he was really spooky and tense on the ground.  I thought I was going to be in for a ride, but he was really good.  Although, at the very end once I got off him this happened.
I am really not sure what that was about, but it isn't typical behavior for him.  I was happy that he held it together when I was on him.

My Initial Thoughts:

I rode him in a new bit (french link egg butt instead of french link loose ring).  I think I liked him in it a bit better.  I felt like he was more consistent.  It wasn't a huge difference, so maybe it was all in my head, but I am going to keep him in it.

I tried to work on taking his neck away again and not letting him get in the spazzy canter.  There were places that I could feel him push from his hind end rather than pull from his front.  He wasn't lifting his back, but I don't think I will really get him to do that until I get the saddle issues straightened out.

I am still being timid with the bigger trot, but I am getting more comfortable with it.  I really need to remember to focus on my tempo.  I get so many things running through my brain that I forget that one.  Which remembering the tempo will probably help fix the other million things that are running through my brain.

I also need to remember to look up.  I am fixating on his next and staring down, which automatically puts me in an incorrect position.
Nice trot from the end

D's Thoughts:

4:06  You got the right answer (eventually), but that correction needed to happen more quickly.
4:58  This is the same thing.  It just needs to happen faster.
6:06  Great work.
6:34  Keep your weight more to the inside.  He is throwing you right especially as you are trying to open the right side.
7:57  Your leg is out by his shoulder.
9:30  Make the circles in the corners a bit smaller.
14:36  I saw the canter happening a mile away.  You needed to readjust his balance to the outside.
14:55  Nice moment here.
15:55  I would have moved off that circle by now.
18:16  Nice moment again
19:34  This is the best spiral you have done.
19:53  Nice change of direction.
19:58  Nice three loop!
22:46  Good transition

All of the trot work at the end was your best ever.  Nice work!  You made good choices and followed him and he responded.  There seems to be a happier horse because this is one of your better rides.  You also had better control of your posting, mapping out a plan, and executing it.  You should be really proud of this ride.
Three Loop Serpentine

My Final Thoughts:

I was and still am really pleased with this ride.  I feel like it really demonstrates how far he has come, because the horse I rode was calmer than the horse I had on the ground.  This is pretty much unheard of for him.  I feel like he has really done a lot of growing since I started doing these lessons.  I am so proud of my little man!


  1. yay for those moments of growing up! must be something in the air mare has been spooky lately and she normally is not.

  2. yay Stinker!!!! it's so awesome to see him thinking and staying with you rather than just getting hotter and more reactive. nice job!! :D

    1. Thanks, I was so proud of him (I'm still a bit cheesed)! He has really been trying and trusting me, which has been a huge step. I just want to do a happy dance all the time :)