Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Old Slipper

Denny Emerson wrote the following on his Facebook page (and I am stealing it because I have nothing interesting to write about).

"I have had lots of nice horses, but not all of them were easy to ride.  There is a saying, "Comfortable as an old pair of slippers." Or gloves, or shoes---The point being that you can relax and take that sigh of relief.  Some horses give you that old pair of slippers feeling, and those are the most fun to ride on a daily basis.  They may not be the ones who bring home the most ribbons, but they are the ones you would choose to just go ride."

Hey what's up!

Stinker isn't to the old slippers quite yet *especially of late* but I am currently ignoring his attempts to have a mental meltdown.  But on his good days it feels like coming home.  I guess I am a bit backwards considering he is far from an easy ride, but there is something that just feels right.

He is such a fun little horse.  And he tries so hard, I can't help but love him for it even when his trying so hard makes things more difficult.  Things just feel right with him even when he is a pain in the butt.  Plus I get him.  I get anxious and don't deal with things well.  He gets anxious and flails.  I get a little overzealous trying.  He tries so hard that he becomes a neurotic mess.

Two neurotic peas in a pod

Then just when you are totally frustrated with him, he leans over and nuzzles you.  It is like he is saying, "I am so sorry for being neurotic."  (Yes I realize I am projecting, but my pony my thoughts). Either way he is well on his way to being my old slipper.