Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Success AKA OMG Can't Walk

I managed to suck it up and make it through 30 miles.  Despite doubling up on aleve, my legs paid dearly for it.  Tuesday was the first day I could go up and down stairs without wanting to cry.  That might be a tad dramatic, but my legs were so freaking sore.

Apparently I am hooked because I already agreed to do another ride.  Honestly don't ask me why.  Maybe pain induce sanity?  I guess that will be my story and I am sticking to it.

PC: Gore/Baylor Photography

Cola was fabulous and I learned a lot.  Not going to lie, waiting for the final vet check was so stressful.  You have finished, but that doesn't matter until the vet signs off on your card.  In the end we got all As and Bs on the vet card.  Some of the Bs were related to her age (20 years), but the pre ride vet check and post ride vet check grades were quite similar.  Hopefully, I can capitalize on the learning experience and do better the next time.

I did pretty well with taking care of myself, but I need to see if I can ride with longer stirrups.  I kept mine pretty short because Cola is tiny and if my stirrups get too long I can't grip with my calves and end up pinching with my knees instead.  I also really want to get caged stirrups because riding in tennis shoes and my MDC stirrups aren't the safest combination.  I have a few weeks to figure all of that out.


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like a fun sport

  2. Congrats! I miss endurance. Caged stirrups are greatand stirrup turners will help your legs well.

  3. Holy congrats! And also yes, you must have pain induced insanity to sign up for another so soon!

  4. Congrats lady! What an accomplishment!