Thursday, January 3, 2019

Blogger Secret Santa: Pi Head! Edition

I love the blogger secret santa that Tracy does each year. I always have so much fun picking things out for people, but it is also fun to see what people do with my terrible instructions. This year Jen absolutely nailed it. Of course I was so excited that I didn't take pictures of things.

Stinker got a thinking cap aka Pi Head! I am a massive nerd and pi is actually my favorite number (which I don't think Jen actually knew) so this makes me giggle. Probably more than it should. She also included some amazing socks (no pictures of them because they are on my feet and dirty) and candy (that has been eaten already).


  1. That bonnet is so perfect for both you and srinker 😍😂

  2. I had no idea, but that's awesome! So glad I got you for SS, I giggled a lot myself putting it together. PS - Rural King was all sold out of those socks when I went back for more :(

  3. I don't have a favorite number but I have a favorite formula. should I put that on a bonnet?

    or what about my favorite theorem??

  4. Such a perfect gift!! I love it. Thanks again for participating!!