Thursday, March 19, 2020

Guess Who

After very impatient waiting Karma is finally here and settling into her new home. I love the barn I picked. It is very low key and basic but the people are fantastic and the care is excellent. It is a nice, clean, and safe place. It has made a huge difference having her here. I was going through equine withdrawals.

Living the fancy life. She was totally over the truck by the time she arrived

She was pretty nervous at first and is now out of these temporary digs

She is out 24/7 and the pasture extends back beyond what can be seen in the picture

Small but nice sand ring

The temporary quarantine barn

I took her for a walk in the corn field and wanted her to pose, but the ground was much more interesting

Morrr carrots plz


  1. I'm glad she's there. which part of the country did you move to? It always helps to have your horse with you!