Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Better Late Than Never

Karma turned three back in June. She got her extra carrots on her birthday, but sadly her party hat and birthday sash didn't arrive in time. Amazon got really sketchy with their "two" day deliveries. I finally got pictures a week or so later and then did nothing with them.

So I give to you a month late. BIRTHDAY PICTURES!!!!


  1. omg that little hat is so precious

    I need to do this to spicy.... he says thanks

  2. Happy Birthday Karma!!! LOVE the tiny hat! So cute!

    There is no longer a such thing as two day shipping. Truthfully, Prime should give us a little something back considering we're just getting normal shipment speed. Or extend our year. Or something.

    1. I kept hoping amazon would do something but no, they hid like allllll of their complaint buttons and kept raking in the money.

      I was super excited about the party hat. Well worth the stupid amount of money I paid for it 😂

  3. Happy belated birthday Karma!! I love the hat.