Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Looking Forward

Life has involved a lot of stress for me over the last few years and has been a large reason my blogging has been inconsistent at best. I have had so many poor poor pitiful me moments and quite frankly I hate reading posts like that so I just don't write. But I have the shining light of Karma and I do want to document her training, so this year I am going to do better.

I highly doubt I will be able to maintain multiple posts per week, especially since riding this winter just isn't happening. My barn is open 8-8, daylight is 8-5:15ish (no lights), my work has meetings with Europeans so morning meetings are always a thing. I could squeeze a quick thing in pre meetings, but I have a firm policy of not working young horses on a time crunch. I hate feeling rushed and think it leads to poor decisions and having to end in a less than ideal place.

So, Karma pretty much gets left alone during the week and I am being a fair weather rider on the weekends. I am totally fine with not much happening, it just makes for boring blogging. And I am failing as a tack ho because I haven't been buying tack. That isn't entirely true. I bought a bridle off a friend and promptly forget. Today, she said something about it and I am not disclosing how long it took me to remember what she was talking about. I couldn't even remembered if I paid for it.

In the interest of creating motivation for myself. I am actually setting goals. Terribly boring goals, because I don't have a way to haul and moving to a new state just before a global pandemic isn't exactly conducive to making friends. I need a social person to adopt me and tell other people to be friends with me (cough Leah cough).


1) Keep walking on the hills
2) As the weather improve and crops go in, work on road safety so we can graduate to road riding and I don't go insane because I got spoiled out west
3) Baby leg yields and shoulder fore
4) Increasing neck length


1) Actually use vacation days this year (I have 5 floating holidays, 3 weeks of vacation time, plus 5 roll over days from this year)
2) Maintain a basic level of fitness
3) Move into a permanent position
4) Blog at least 2x a month


  1. Clearly the answer is use some of those vacation days to visit me 😘 since you're close enough to make a weekend trip. Or maybe I can haul up and hang for a weekend and take us all on a trail adventure!

    1. Absolutely! I would love to come steal a dramatic for a weekend of fun

    2. This is the clear answer and I will also invite myself

    3. UM YES PLZ. To either you coming here or all of us going to T haha.

  2. Replies
    1. She’s pretty great! I’m glad you enjoy her too 😊

  3. Hooray goals!

    I think your goals might be higher than my goals this year lol.