Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Winter Has Arrived

 I have some things sitting in the draft folder, but they all require more coherent thoughts than I can muster tonight. Things are pretty steady with Karma, I think we are both getting a bit bored with the indoor already. Although that might just be me projecting.

I am not sure if I mentioned that I moved out of the apartment I had been in and now have the most fabulous windows. The one plus of all the snow has been how pretty it is out the windows.

Unfortunately, the snow usually starts as rain or turns into rain. So there has been lots of wet pathetic pony or disgustingly muddy pony. But I am happy that she is living out and has a round bale to stuff herself with.

 Hopefully I will be able to muster the energy to write some better content next month. Although it might just be more snow. We got 10 inches in November and the winter is supposed to be a wet one.

1 comment:

  1. It’s been really wet here. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean lots of snow but *shrugs* who knows. Work in an indoor can get boring. Setting up obstacles with poles, cones and standards can make it fun (and work her hind end).