Sunday, November 15, 2015


I have mentioned in the past that I live in the South and we have been freaking hot for the last couple of weeks (think 80s/65+). Poor Stinker has been sweating up a storm. I was hesitant to clip him because if he gets blanketed and it's too warm bye bye $$$ blanket. This week we were supposed to cool off, so I took advantage of the fact S and 5 others were at a show. The barn was super quiet and I clipped him Saturday afternoon.

Stinker looking super cute in his blanket, that hangs too low but fits in the length...
Why didn't I get a normal shaped horse???

I was supposed to take before and after pictures, but I forgot on the before and I'm not sure I want the after to be shown before S touches up my lines. Basically I gave him a modified trace clip. I took everything off his next and the back half is a typical trace clip.

My pictures suck but you get the S clean up

I should mention that I have never body clipped a horse. I have clipped cattle for shows but that's about it. I was actually rather proud of the job I did, except for the fact someone broke the small clippers and all I had were the large ones. My lines were not pretty but it took my one attempt to realize I can't get a nice straight line, so I left space for S to clean up and make nice lines.

Why do you keep trying to walk away from me??? I just want treats!!!

Stinker was so good for the clippers. I am not big on the clipping whiskers and trimming up the tail like eventers like to do (I'm European like that). Not really but it sounds better than saying I'm too redneck to trim my horse and I think he is adorable in his feral state. He let me do his belly without an issue (even mess around between his hind legs). The only challenging part was his neck and that was because he is too curious. He kept trying to crank his head around to watch which doesn't work well for clipping.

Where Shit-ittens like to sleep

Granted it has cooled off (high 60s/high 50s and yes I know that is warm some places), but I was pleased with the result post ride. He was a little sweaty where the saddle sits and a little sweaty between his front legs (that didn't get totally clipped because he is narrow and I had 3" blades). But overall a huge improvement from soaked minus the top of his butt. And he has not ripped his blanket yet...I might have just jinxed myself with that one.

And when I wake them up to clean the stall...

I did have one person ask me what kind of cut it was.  I just said it was a modified trace.  They said that they hadn't ever seen one before.  I just barely managed to keep from smirking.  I did find a picture that made my clip almost legit, but they took the hair off the face too.  But hey I am the creative type riiiight?? And S didn't tell me it was horrible and needed to go, so I am good.


  1. I did my first body clip two years was way more interesting and not in a good way. Lol! good job! And I always say do what works for you and your horse ;)

    1. It was actually way better than I expected and easier than clipping cows (you don't get to take all the hair with them). Getting asked about it just made me giggle. I don't think it looks goofy and that is all that matters.

  2. lol cute kitten! and yea i've never really clipped before either and am grateful my mare doesn't need it... sounds like a hassle!

    1. Haha be grateful. Mine sweats like a pig. Yesterday (granted it was 70f) he was dripping after 20ish min of work with the clip job.