Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Princess and The Pea

I have come to the conclusion that Stinker will be called Princess henceforth.  He has now expressed dislike for S's saddle.  I was hoping that the darling princess would tolerate this one until the end of December when I see the second saddle fitter.  I feel his pain, but on the other hand I am about ready to pull my hair out.

Such a cute face.

The Stinks was super girthy today, so I ran my hand down his back.  And sure enough the same spot at the base of the withers was sensitive.  Blah this is the reason I am selling my dressage saddle and I am no longer using it.  He seemed happy in the County Fusion, but now the pretty pretty princess says it is too narrow (I was afraid of this from the beginning, but he seemed happy so I rolled with it).

Why eat your food when you can wear it?

I am now up S*** creek with out a saddle.  Ok, that was a terrible joke, but it makes me giggle so it says.  I think my plan is going to be limit the number of rides until I can get a trial saddle.  But that is another can of worms.  I already talked about doing a Prestige, and now I am thinking about adding a Custom to the list of saddles to try.  Hopefully this plan will last us until the end of December, and I don't blow my budget getting saddles shipped on trial.

I tried taking a selfie with him and
he was less than impressed by the time I gave up.


  1. ugh saddle shopping and fitting is such a pain! Good luck! Sorry to hear the current one is becoming such an actual pain :(

  2. ugh booooooooo hiss saddle fit issues :( good luck!