Monday, January 18, 2016


I am a little surprised that D and S are still talking to me, because I feel like I am being totally nutty.  My latest is that Stinker has ulcers.  Its either that or my brand spanking new saddle doesn't fit.  Thankfully, everyone is leaning towards ulcers, which while not great is the lesser of two evils.

Normal Stinker

There is actually some reasoning behind my madness.  First, based on my reading it isn't uncommon to treat horses for ulcers after they have been treated for EPM.  He has been on a gut supplement as a preventative measure since I started him on supplements (middle of last year).  I think the stress of traveling to Florida was too much for him and it triggered a flair up of ulcers.  Secondly, he has the majority of the symptoms.  Changes in attitude, girthiness, and so on and so forth.

Current Stinker.  So grumpy.

I feel so bad for him, he is terrible in the cross ties and his sweet attitude on the ground is gone.  He is also super grouchy in his stall (kicking, lunging, trying to bite).  He doesn't even want to be groomed and normally he loves it.  I have gone over his back a million times to see if it is actually sore and he doesn't react to my hand, but the brush is another story.  Right now the plan is to try a week of omeprazole and see if there is any change.  Fingers crossed that it gets here soon.

Hopefully, we will be back to this soon.

In other news my jump saddle finally shipped.  I should get it in the beginning of February.  Hopefully I have all of this straightened out and can actually evaluate it durning the trial period.  I am super excited for it, but I am also terrified that it isn't going to fit him.


  1. I totally empathize on the Ulcer road :( Jingles for Stinker and finding answers!

  2. I hope Mr Stinker is feeling better soon!

  3. Aww poor guy, ulcers are no fun. Hopefully he's back to his old cheerful self soon.

  4. I hope so too. He is just so high anxiety that he has to be prone to them.

  5. Replies
    1. I think he is. I've been shoveling hay in him and he seems to be improving and I got the shipping notification for the meds :)

  6. we travel so much that my mare is always on gastric supps and i typically do a full course of treatment once a year... it's hard to tell how much of this is for my own sanity vs for the horse... but it's just what we do.

    1. You will be getting an email :)
      And I'm with you on the sanity vs horse thing...