Friday, March 18, 2016


I failed on two counts. One I had this awesome post written about my jump lesson, but then I realized I was testing the jump course for the schooling show. Probably shouldn't publish that before the show.

The second fail is Stinker's thrush. He has had bad thrush for awhile now. I used clean tracks on him in January before he was first shod. Since then I've been cleaning his feet with alcohol and iodine. I thought I was making some headway unfortunately that was not the case. The thrush is why he is off. He is sound at the walk and just a bit ouchy at the trot so I'm hopeful.

I've started a more aggressive treatment and I'm hoping to be able to clean/treat his feet twice a day. I was cleaning them everyday but sometimes it would be 36 hours or so between the cleanings. I feel terrible about it, especially since I've known about it for so long. You live and you learn. Plus it gives me something else to be neurotic over. S is going to loooove this new addition to the repertoire. Hopefully his feet will be feeling better soon and we can get back to our regular schedule. 


  1. ugh thrush is so annoying...hoping it clears up soon!

  2. ugh thrush.... i'm kinda worrying that we might have a case brewing too. booo!

  3. For the thrush, I HIGHLY recommend ToMorrow. It's for Cow Mastitis, some blogging buddies recommended it and it is INCREDIBLE. My horse had very bad thrush (even made him lame) my farrier came out, we tried every thrush medication on the market and nothing happened. I used ToMorrow and he was nearly 100% better and the thrush was nearly gone the very next day.My farrier now keeps syringes on hand for thrush cases.

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    1. Thanks. I'm cautiously optimistic that I will be able to ride tomorrow.