Friday, June 9, 2017

Barn Tour

As requested here is the barn tour.  The photos are my standard crap, but at least I had the excuse of a storm rolling in and making it difficult.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

The barn is relatively new (I think it was redone in 2013 when the lady bought the property).  Right now it has three stalls, but a couple more could be put in if desired.  I don't have the desire, because really I don't need a barn full of horses.  (Remind me that I said that when I have a barn full of horses in a couple of years.)

The aisle has the super fancy rubber cobblestones, which are really cushy and amazing.  I could seriously sleep on them.

There are two areas for hay storage.  It is a little less than ideal to store hay in the barn, but it will work.  My awesome uncle sent me with some grass hay from last year.

The stalls are quite large and equipped with automatic heated waters.  They have dutch doors on the back.  The fronts have a door to open for feeding.  The actual stall door has the bar slider that tricky ponies can't open (huge plus because I don't want mine to learn how to unlock doors).  They have rubber floors and in general are amazing.

Each of the stalls opens up into a run and all of the runs connect down to the paddock.  You could potentially leave it so the horses can come and go as the please, paddock only, run only, stall only, or any combination in-between.  All without having to catch and lead.

There are two large paddocks.  One (pictured) has the shed in it and the other is all open.  The one downside is there is no grass.  I am considering trying to get grass into the open paddock, but I don't know if it is worth the effort.

This is the open shed in the paddock.  Not much to say about it other than the orientation of it is spot on from what I have seen of the weather so far.  I am honestly considering just using this and skipping the stalls unless there is going to be a blizzard.  I will see how that plays out.

Another heated automatic waterer on the side of the shed.  I am still going to supplement it with a large water trough, but it is nice to have.

The barn has a wash pad next to it, which is amazing.  I don't think I will need to turn it into cross ties, but I have the possibility.  And the way the pad was poured, there shouldn't be any worry about drainage or settling.

The tack room is a bit of a mess right now, so be prepared to be spammed with all sorts of "How do I organize this shit?" posts.  Either way I have a mini fridge in there (fully intend to stock with beer so I can hide down there and drink when my mom makes me crazy).  It has a sink with hot and cold water (tankless water heater).  There is a heater for when it gets cold.  She says she just sets it to low and hasn't had to worry about things freezing.

I absolutely love this barn and I haven't figured out anything I don't like about it yet.  Everything seems to be really well thought out and convenient to use.  I am sure some little things will pop up once I have horses in it, but I am so excited.


  1. I am so excited for you!!! What a great setup! :D

  2. Wow that all looks perfect. Except for the no grass but I have no idea how hard it would be to grow grass there. I keep beer in my barn fridge too....

  3. Wow it really looks great!!! I still think you need to fill it to the brim with ponies tho!! Moar horses all the time!!!!! :D

  4. That set up is FANTASTIC! I love it. Super jealous :-D and yes, fill it with ponies. All of the ponies. Hahaha.

  5. If you were here, I'm make you let me move in. ;-) It's gorgeous! Looks great for the climate too.

  6. It looks lovely!!! I also love you'll be putting in a water trough. I've soured to automatic waterers after Mikey's broke at a past barn and colicked (barn manager did not check them every day to ensure they were still functioning, and we weren't able to get out for those few days). But I love the barn and set up, it's really thoughtful and quite spot on for what I would design for myself.

  7. That looks like such a nice and well thought out set up! Hopefully it makes caring for Stinker (and all the new ponies you will have to get) as easy and rewarding as possible!

  8. Looks great. You definitely need as many ponies as you have stalls though. Empty stalls are sad stalls.