Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What To Buy Wednesday: Tack Room Must Haves

Right now my tack room is a blank slate.  Well minus the little bit of junk I let my mom put in there because I didn't have the heart to tell her no.  Oh and the mini fridge because hiding in the barn and drinking is going to be a thing.  I know I need some storage solution and I am planning on stocking up on things when all the back to school sales happen.  But in the meantime I need a few other items.

1)  Saddle racks.  I am going to need at least four of them.  I also don't really want to mount things on the wall because I am not sure about drilling into the material that insulates the room.  So free standing is my preference, but I don't really want to do all individual because that would get cluttered quickly.  Do the multi saddle standing racks work?

2)  Blanket storage.  I have a shit ton of blankets.  Anyone want to buy 75" blankets, because I still have some I need to sell.  I need a way to hang a couple blankets to dry, and I figured I would just use tubs for the ones that weren't in use.

3)  Bridles.  Like the saddles I don't want to attach them to the wall, so I need to think of a way to hang them.  Thoughts on command hooks?

4)  Shelving Units.  What is your favorite width/style of shelving units?  I was thinking that I would need one the size of large tubs (blanket storage and what not) and then a smaller one for grooming and medical things.

5)  Any thing I am missing?


  1. If there's a way to fasten a board to the walls you could then fasten bridle hooks and things. I have a variety of hooks and I use them all. I've never used stacking saddle racks but they should work I think. Wide shelving makes sense- maybe look at what they have in 'garage storage' and see what works. Also, don't forget the crop holder- those are handy.

  2. oh and I have one of those plastic 3 drawer storage things for my first aid supplies- that way I can roll it out if needed.

  3. I have two freestanding saddle racks that I love, they even have wheels on the bottom so you can move them around -- I'll send you a pic! Mine are super heavy duty and I love them. As far as bridle racks, I won't be much help there, because mine are bolted to the wall. Something you might consider in addition to/in lieu of open shelving units would be one of the tall plastic storage cabinets. Depending on your barn layout/tack room, it can be nice to have the option to seal the doors so stuff doesn't get dusty, animals get into it, etc.

  4. 1) The free standing stacking saddle racks should be good- you can get one with 4 spots that's tall I believe. The aren't *too* expensive. Or get two pieces of thick plywood, build hooks into the top of them, and hang them over the wall with regular wall saddle racks? Or build your own mega lockers, there's a number of them that I've seen online that I'm quite envious of. Then your mom's stuff is hidden too :-p None of these solutions are cheap though.

    2) Mega clothes line? I'd probably try rigging something up so I could use the blanket hanging bars that swing. I really like those. If you do mega lockers and don't have too many, you can probably drill those blanket bars onto the sides, so each horse has his own blankets hanging on his own locker. Or have a dedicated blanket wall and put over the wall bridle hooks on it and just cover the wall. We use those to hang blankets on stalls and Event Trainer did something similar down one of her walls.

    3) For you bridles, what about getting a giant peg board, drilling wood or hooks into the top, and then hanging it over the wall? Then you can put real hooks in and pretty much do whatever you want. Or do the mega lockers and keep all your bridles tucked away where they'll stay dust free too.

    4) I would get mega tall drawers for polos/medical supplies/odds and ends. The back to school sales should be good for finding a bunch of large individual drawers that are meant to be stacked on each other.

    5) I'd get the large tall free standing mesh shelves. Like, a lot of them. Put them in the wash stall, feed room, etc. Garbage cans that the lid attaches well for feed cans. A large whiteboard for what each horse eats, when each horse needs to see the farrier, odds and ends notes.

    Well this got quite long!

  5. If you did one of those heavy-duty freestanding metal shelving sets, you could definitely put bridle hooks on it. I'll send you a picture of my home set up.

    For blanket drying, there's this random rack probably from a craft store in my tack room that I co-opt all the time.

  6. Those free standing racks are awesome - or I agree build yourself an amazing tack locker! One for each saddle set <3

    There are also bridle hangers that literally hang from the ceiling if there are exposed beams to attach to... or the "portable" style that do not drill in, just hang over a beam or something...

    As for blanket storage... I just but those Rubbermaid containers and have them all stacked neatly in my barn when not in use... for drying I literally dry them on my clothes line in my backyard or send them off to be cleaned professionally (so they come home dry)

    Feed storage - use metal cans/containers only, preferably the kind with latches around the lid if you keep it in the barn area. Trust me on this... I also like to keep my feed in a whole different area than my barn as I've got 3 horses that know how to open doors and get into the feed room >:-(

    One thing we didn't really consider was where we were going to store all of our barn tools (rakes, shovels, scoops etc) and my husband just busted nails in everywhere... sigh... I don't like that... but I've seen some cool things made out of pallets...

  7. We used to hang our bridles on a tack hook that off to the side. It kept the ground and wall space free!

  8. I've never set up my own tack room - but pinterest has some amazing pictures for figuring out how to configure a beautiful room.

  9. Command hooks suck. You'll probably want to actually mount some sort of system to allow you to hang things. You could do a peg board or something. The multi-tier free standing saddle racks work great though. They just take up a lot of space, but it looks like you have space.