Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Curvy Girl's Guide To Breeches

Amanda put together a much more comprehensive and serious guide (here) but I can't be that organized.  So I put together a list of what I have tried so far the winner for me are the ROMFH Champions.  Feel free to stop at that if you find breeches dull.  A little about my shape.  I am tall and have a 36" inseam. I carry most of my weight from my waist to my thighs.  I am going through these in roughly the order that I bought them.  PS I am not plastering pictures of my ass all over the internet.  Sorry not sorry for the lack of pictures.

Kerrits Microcord Tights (I don't know what I paid.  Size XL)
  • These have worn like iron.  They are the first pair of breeches I bought and I had a fall in them that resulted in a tear in the knee.  More than four years later they still are still hanging in there.  They are showing wear, but that is only to be expected after six years of at least twice a week use.
  • They are the reason I kept giving Kerrits a try.
  • They are sliming in the waist and for being tights don't show much.
  • Super comfortable.  They are snug but don't feel like they are strangling my legs.

Microcord Tights hidden with black on black, but look at baby Stinker

Kerrits IceFil Tights (I don't know what I paid for them, but it was too much.  Size XL)
  • They roll down
  • They show everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING
  • They do not have belt loops
  • I only wore them once and regretted that decision

FITS Free Flex Full Seat ($150, I was shocked I paid this much...must have been stressed.  Size XL)
  • These have fallen out of favor recently.  I used to wear them more because they were my only grey pair.
  • The material is quite thin and is not flattering in the crotch area.  It is fine for riding, but I don't wear them in public.
  • The pockets are mesh so don't put treats that crumble in them.  Nothing is worse than riding and getting bits of treat falling down your leg.
  • The bottoms are also mesh and are too small on my calf, which causes them to feel tight on my knee when I am riding.  If you have shorter legs you would probably be fine.
  • Also the full seat material is weird and squeaks when you walk.  Nothing makes me feel chubby like hearing my thighs squeak while walking.  It also gives you a serious case of swamp ass in the summer if it is hot and humid.

Flex Tights II and baby Pongo who is now doing novice with his girl

Kerrits Flex Tights II ($90.  Size 2X)
  • I sized up on these so I would have room for my thighs, so they were a quite loose in the waist.
  • I liked these, but in about 8 months of less than one ride per week the full seats had come apart at the seam in the butt (the holes were quite large before I noticed them and probably had started developing much earlier).  I wouldn't buy them again due to the poor quality.

SmartPak Pipers ($70.  Size 36R)
  • I tried sizing up so my thighs would fit.  It was a terrible idea and I am an idiot sometimes.
  • I hate these pants so much.  I have only worn them a handful of times.
  • They pull on my knee when I am riding and they are snug in the thighs still so I feel like I am perching on my horse.
  • I really wanted to like them, but I despise them.

The best I can do for the knit pipers

SmartPak Pipers Knit Midrise ($60. Size 34L)
  • Inconsistent sizing (one pair ruined my self esteem then I proceeded to make SB try them on and it ruined hers.  Note to self friends don't make friends try on pants just because they are pretty.  I finally gave them to my mom that weighs ~115 lbs and they fit her)
  • I bought these because they were pretty and I was stressed.
  • They require a belt, but I have squeezed them on over two other pairs of leggings this winter so there is a lot of stretch
  • They are very comfortable
  • I would buy them again for <$55 if I forgive SmartPak for being tools, but that probably isn't going to happen

ROMFH St. Tropez ($73.  Size 34R)
  • I really wanted these in longs, but ROMF stops making longs at size 32.  This is a pet peeve of mine because lots of companies stop making longs at a certain size.
  • I purchased these about 8 months ago and I ride in them fairly frequently.
  • They have some pilling in the full seats at the thighs, but I think that is from my chub rub more than riding because they don't have wear anywhere else.
  • These pull slightly on my knee when I am riding, but it isn't too bad (I gave up on full seats after these for this reason).
  • I have them in navy and grey.
  • The bottoms are a little snug.  I wish the sock bottom had more stretch
  • Overall, the fit is pretty good and they have been wearing well.

ROMFH Champion and the reason I don't want my ass plastered on the internet

Horse Crescendo Desiree Knee Patch ($60.  US 32R)
  • Honestly I bought these because they were purple.  I didn't realize they were 32s until I was writing this.  Oops...guess that explains why they are snug (I thought I was getting chubbier).
  • These are fairly comfortable.  They are high rise which I don't love but I would rather have high rise than my butt hanging out.
  • The silicone knee patches immediately lost the tackiness.
  • I wouldn't buy these again, but I do love the purple color.

Black Horse Elysia Full Seat ($100 US.  Size 16 (AUS) which I think is a 36 US)
  • I sized up for room in the thighs since I knew I couldn't return them (Australian company).
  • They started to wear quickly
  • Show dirt like a MoFo
  • Basically never wear them anymore

ROMFH Champion Euro Seat ($55.  US 34R)
  • I have been wanting to try these for almost a year, but didn't want to pay full price for them.  I found them on sale over Thanksgiving weekend 2016 (yet another oops my finger slipped and bought something else purchase).
  • They are designed to fit curvy figures.  I wish they came a little bit higher in the back because the way they are cut I have to wear a belt with them.  I think it is a me problem and not a design problem.
  • Like with the St. Tropez, I do wish the sock bottom had a bit more stretch.
  • I am now up to three pairs and they are my go to for lessons
  • I got SB hooked on them

Stinker's thoughts after reading the post

Others that I didn't keep
  • RJ Classics Prestige Gulf-  I loved the material, but there was something unfortunate going on in the crotch.  I did end up keeping these, but rarely wear them.
  • Aztec Diamond-  These are not cut for a curvy figure
  • Goode Rider Perfect Fit-  Not cut for a curvy figure 


  1. I would not have thought you were large at all- riding pants sizes are crazy. I bought two pairs of breeches with the post-Christmas sales. Same size (32). One fit perfectly the other was huge on me. I am going to suggest that you check out 'Fuller Fillies'. These are breeches designed for your body type. My friend Karen carries all of her weight in her lower half and she says that they have changed her life.

    1. I’ve always objected to the brand based on the name and haven’t tried them. 😂

  2. I keep trying to branch out from pipers (they work for me) but haven't been totally sold on anything else yet and basically always subconsciously go for the pipers even tho they're not perfect either. May give the romfhs a chance !

    1. I found my stupid cheap pair of champions on Amazon periodically more pop up but I haven’t seen any more in my size

  3. I found Pipers fit me horribly (as someone who carries her weight in her butt and thigh). I tried them at Rolex one year and wanted to love them (good price and everyone else loves them), but the full seats just didn't fit my thigh, then I could have fit another person with me in the waist. And I won't try fuller fillies for the same reason, the name! I only buy full seats (except for my FITS tights that I mostly wear in summer), and I usually end up with saggy crotch problems. I basically only own FITS Performax breeches because the deerskin is broken up into multiple segments (and so eliminates saggy crotch).

    1. I really don’t like full seats because they make me too sticky and I feel stuck. I’m sure at some point I’ll switch back. Probably when I get my position better and I’m not having to constantly adjust it.

  4. I looooove Champions!!!!!! I’m just like you in that I carry all my weight in my lower half. I also have to wear a belt with them but if that’s the only problem then I don’t care :) Thanks for the breeches review!!! Basically I don’t need to try anything else bc you’ve done it for me!!! Hehehe :)

    1. I pretty much only try new ones now if they are cheap and fun colors (hence the knit pipers debacle)

  5. thanks for posting this - i really laughed at your pipers description hahaha.

    1. Pipers are terrible for self esteem. Plus I’m annoyed with SmartPak so they probably aren’t going to get any more business since I already have their purple pants 😂

  6. Nice socks 😉 I have such a random variety of breeches and I more keep them based on colors I like than how they fit 😂 I'm a failure hahaha.

  7. Breeches are the worst. There I said it!
    I haven't tired the Champions, but sounds like I should! I too am all thigh and butt. I've declared my love for the Ovation Taylored euro seat breeches cut wider in the thigh. They're definitely not nice enough for showing, but I love them for everyday.

    1. I have been tempted to try the ovation but haven’t pulled the trigger because I keep finding the champions cheaper.

  8. I've recently been tempted to branch out from Pipers... it's just so hard for me to spend more than $75 on a pair of schooling breeches!

    1. What I wear has changed since I brought my horse home and no one is around to see me wearing my old worn out breeches with both knee patches trying to fall off 😂

  9. I LOVE the Kerrits ice fils. When it's hot, they are my go to tights. I wear them all summer long. I have one pair of the piper knits in maroon that I use for XC and I love them for that. They are so sticky I have issues getting in and out of my car in them and that's the level of sticky I want when trying to stay on a demon llama who likes to either stop at or overjump solid obstacles. Plus, they color is perfect. But they fit terrible: so baggy in the crotch and weirdly itchy in my calves. Hence I only wear them for XC and sometimes jumping lessons.

    1. I would like the ice fills if they didn’t literally roll off me. But I have this odd thing of liking my pants to stay on 😉

  10. Omg dying. Friends don't let friend try on those horrific beautiful knit pants tho. NEVER AGAIN.

    I love how seamlessly your breech experiments have complimented my collection tho.

    1. I’m so sorry. I honestly thought I had just gotten fat 🙈
      Good thing I have good tack otherwise you would’ve been like bye bitch and never spoken to me again

  11. Pretty sure I am the opposite fit from you so this is useful info to store away of 'not worth trying' - when pants are too big on my hips they get this lovely vintage baggy look going and it's not really cute. I've always found these so helpful, I need to contribute my own sometime!

    1. I would take vintage baggy over sausage casings 😉
      Glad to be of service

  12. Look into buckwild breeches! I haven't personally tried them but they are for larger riders and come in fun colors.

    I'm like a 44 in breeches and the kerrits icefil XL fit me. I wonder if you got a weird pair?

    1. I’ve looked at the buckwild but they haven’t had a color that demands purchasing in my size

  13. Such a helpful post! Going to be looking into the ROMF Champions for sure now!

    1. They are amazing. I just wish that they came in more fun colors.

  14. I am pretty much in the same boat - but clothes shopping in general makes we want to kill myself. So currently I have 2 pairs that I hate and one pair of Kerrits full seat that I live in. I am one size up for you, so I will putting this list to VERY good use come tax return time!!