Thursday, March 22, 2018

30 Things

I honestly don't know who started this anymore.  Originally I wasn't going to do this, but seeing as how I am not riding and haven't been buying things I am running quite low on content.  So here it is with all the old pictures because I don't even have new pictures.
  1. I can't remember not riding
  2. I am really good at math
  3. I was a double major in math and biology and much to my math professors dismay did not pursue math because it was too easy and biology was more of a challenge
  4. I hated chemistry and hated it even more when people tried to tell me I didn't like it because I had to do math.  The math was the only thing that saved my chemistry grade.
  5. I actually thought I was bad at math for a really long time because my sister is a total math freak and makes me look slow
  6. I played basketball in college.  I was basically a GPA booster and quit because I got a lecture for putting my academics before athletics despite them saying academics came before athletics.
  7. I know how to castrate a bull
  8. I have pulled a calf
  9. I saw a cow choke to death on a placenta (0/10 recommend that experience)
  10. I have ridden in a blizzard.
  11. I hate snow.
  12. I worked on a dude ranch in Wyoming one summer
  13. I have been run over by a horse
  14. The worst fall I have had was when I was getting on and my horse spun.  I did a face plant off the other side and dislocated my thumb and my lips were smashed into my braces.
  15. When I was 4 or 5 I tried to hook my horse up to a little red wagon.  He was not down with it and wouldn't ever let me get behind him.  I had made him a harness out of bailing twine.
  16. The fact that I am still alive is probably because above horse was the best baby sitter ever.  I took a nap under him on multiple occasions and he would never move.
  17. I accidentally jabbed a needle in my dad's back when I was giving a calf a shot.  I yanked it back out and waited for him to yell at me.  He never said anything so I didn't say anything either.  I still don't know if he knew I stabbed him or not.
  18. I have lived in seven different states and had driver's license in five.
  19. I still haven't unpacked the majority of my stuff from my last move and it has been almost a year.
  20. I lived in organized chaos.
  21. I don't like dirty things, but I have piles of papers every where.
  22. I love reading trashy romance novels and mocking them with my friends.
  23. I don't watch movies unless people drag me to them.  I haven't been to a movie theater since early 2014.
  24. I have a really short attention span.
  25. I am a total lightweight when it comes to drinking.
  26. I don't drink coffee.  Chai lattes and English breakfast tea are where it is at.
  27. The only thing I miss about the South (besides the people) are all the Chick-fil-as.  Their waffle fries and sauce are the best.
  28. I am always cold.
  29. I haven't grown since 8th grade and I am 6'0"
  30. I used to have a shoe addiction then I got a horse and became a tack ho and didn't have money for shoes.


  1. Ditto on the hating snow. And 17 though?! He had to have noticed no?
    30: I have both. But my shoes are inexpensive.

    1. I really don’t know. I’m sure he felt something but maybe he thought it was a sting or something. He never said anything so I never brought it up 😂

  2. May As Well Event posted it originally! Dang 6' in 8th grade!

    1. Thanks! I’ll get that updated :)
      Yeah it was crazy and I lost what little coordination I had

  3. Yes to 26! Chai lattes and tea are so much better than coffee :)

  4. Replies
    1. 😇🤷‍♀️ I decided asking about it was worse than wondering.

  5. hahaha you're my favorite. NOW GO AWAY WINTER I NEED T TIME.