Friday, March 9, 2018

Who Is This?

Yesterday I was able to sneak in my first ride in over 2.5 weeks.  It was cool and windy (~20 mph) and the horses haven't been as active since everything is drifted over or sloppy wet, so I was expecting Stinker to be a firecracker.

Never a trouble maker

He wasn't even close.  He was actually really really good.  My original plan was to just walk and get him stretching.  That was accomplished in about two minutes.  So I started working on my position and moving his shoulders and haunches in and out.  He kept feeling like he wanted to trot, so I said go ahead, but you can't invert and brace.

He said yes ma'am and proceeded to give me one of his better transitions.  I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a good transition, but with him everything is relative and I was more than happy to get it.  Going to the right he was a little tense and inverted until I remembered to get my hip out of his back. Then he gave a sigh of relief (or fine it was a sneeze) and gave me some of his better trot work.

Everything felt really balanced and rideable.  He never locked up and tried to plow through my aids.  I honestly wasn't really sure what to do since all the things I am normally trying to manage weren't happening.  Fingers crossed that the weather will behave and I will get my lesson on Saturday, so I can get told all the things I need to work on instead of basking in the "OMG my horse is trotting like a horse" moment.


  1. WTG stinker for keeping your brain in your head on a windy day after time off 😁

  2. Sounds like a lovely ride! Isn't that funny when they're being so good? You run out of things to do to fill the time.