Thursday, August 13, 2020

Bribery Works

 Karma is coming along quite well. She has gotten the hang of the long lines. I still don't have a saddle but I have parked her at the mounting block and laid on her and practiced swinging my leg over her butt. I have taken her down to the road so she can get used to traffic. I have walked her through the the pig farm and fields that are next door her the farm she is at.

The boarding barn is great exposure for her. There are calves, turkeys, children, farm equipment, four wheelers, and all sorts of other things. While I miss my trails so so so much, it is really good for her to be at a much busier place. My barn was so quiet that I think I would have had a lot harder with desensitizing her when we started going places.

I am going out three days a week typically and we really aren't doing much. No more than 20 minutes in the ring. So she gets lots of grazing and grooming time where we just chill. I typically will drive her for 5-10 minutes then turn her loose to play with cantering and voice commands for another 5-10 minutes. The up transitions are pretty good, but sometimes sassy mare gets the zooms and the downs aren't quite there. Luckily I have my fail safe of snap a carrot and she comes right to me (as demonstrated in the GIF). Hopefully my saddle will arrive in the next couple of weeks and then I will have more to blog about (aka OMG GUYS LOOK AT MY ADORABLE PONY!!!!)