Tuesday, August 25, 2020


 I have not so patiently been waiting for my saddle to arrive. After much dickering back and forth I decided to just have my Florida fitter make us a saddle out of spare Wow parts. That way I am not paying new price, I get what I like, and I know it fits Karma. Plus since its a Wow my fitter will just swap parts out as needed and I don't have deal with the hassle of buying and selling saddles as she grows and matures.

Not what waiting patiently looks like

Based on that criteria, I was expecting the normal black dressage saddle to show up. That was not the case. Instead this showed up.

Much delicious

Of course I immediately tried it on Karma (first time saddled). It looked like a pretty good fit and then I realized I forgot my stirrups. So I lunged her to see if the saddle would cause any dramatics. It didn't.

I love this pivo setup outtake

The next day (armed with stirrups this time), I decided to give her first ride a go. I asked the barn owner if she was going to be around but didn't really have a ground person. Karma wasn't too sure she should really walk off with me on her, but with a bit of encouragement she did.

As to be expected the steering was a bit drunk and she was a bit sticky about walking forward at times but overall it was about as perfect as a first ride that I could have hoped for. We walked for about four minutes and then I gave her all the carrots and told her what a wonderful pony she is.


  1. So much amazingness in one post! I love all of this.

  2. What an awesome horse. And that saddle- WOW (see what I did there? :D)

  3. Love the new saddle! So pretty!
    And this is SO EXCITING!!! Baby's first ride! Thank goodness for Pivo capturing it for you. I can't believe you did that without a ground person. You're so brave!

    1. I was pretty confident in her responses from my previous toying. I was also kind of in a weird situation with the ground person, because I don't know anyone since I moved and then everything shut down. My only option to ask was the barn owner, which puts her in a weird position so I decided to go for it and then regroup if things didn't go as expected.