Sunday, May 3, 2015


I struggle with tempo.  I dance like a white boy. Possibly like a middle school white boy.  No rhythm at all.  One thing I am great at is following, which doesn't help me in this case.  A following seat is great in an established rhythm, sadly the only thing we have established is a steady increase in tempo.  The problem is tempo is the basis of everything; dressage, jumping, you name it I can relate it back to tempo.

Now I have a horse that begs to go faster and I get sucked in.  His nimble little legs get going and I start following instead of maintaining the proper rhythm.  Since I suck at controlling my hips I end up getting tense all over trying to slow the tempo.  Pretty soon I realize my shoulders and elbows are locked and I am not following with my hands.  Shockingly, it makes the little Stinker super tense.  When he gets tense his solution is to go faster, which puts in a vicious cycle.

Our last few rides have been ugly at the best.  So, I am going back to ground zero to figure out this tempo thing.  I think I am going to start riding with a metronome.  Hopefully this will give me something to follow and we can break the cycle.

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