Monday, June 15, 2015


I have discovered it is really hard to write about riding when you haven't been riding to generate new material.  I have been sitting on this post for about two weeks because I haven't been able to decide what to say.  Stinker is actually lame and it is a bit of a puzzle.  The vet saw him over a week ago and got his hocks injected.  That helped with the super lame problem and now I am back to the sort of lame problem.  I have another week to wait until the vet comes back.  Hopefully I can get this sorted out since I have a clinic I am signed up for at the end of the month and another one towards the middle of July.  I really want to be able to ride Stinker, but if not I can borrow one of the barn horses. But right now I am crossing my fingers that Stinker will be good to go.

It is really hard to take pictures when he follows you everywhere...

In the mean time, Sinker has had about three weeks off and he is very bored.  He has started piling his hay in his food bucket.  No idea what that is about other than my horse is a giant weirdo...but he is my weirdo.  The other day I walked into the pasture to check on him and he tried to put the halter I had in my hand on himself.  Poor little guy gets 8+ hours of turnout and still wants to go to work.  I am hesitant to ride him since the last time we did that he came up super lame the next day.  I don't like lunging him, because it is all on a circle.  I tried free lunging him and that was a disaster.  He gets distracted very easily.  It was working OKish until a cat ran through the ring.  Stinker pinned his ears and lunged at the cat.  He then proceeded to try to pounce on the cat when it tried to dart away.  I wish I had it on video.  After he discovered he could jump he proceeded to give several bucks.  I had a fake Pessoa lunging system on him (not my brightest idea) and I was terrified he was going to get a foot through the lines or something.  So no more free lunging for the Stinker.

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