Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vet Update

Stinker has been diagnosed with a minor case of EPM.  While this sounds scary the vet believes he will make a full recovery.  It is not uncommon for horses here to show symptoms after they have gone through a move.  I was reading today and around 50% of horses have been exposed of that number only 1% show clinical signs.  I am staying positive about things and only reading information on veterinary websites.  DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT read forums about this disease! They have the worst of the worst cases and it all sounds horrible.  The vet will be back next week to check on Stinker again.  In the mean time we need to figure out how to get him to eat his medication.

In other news, I obviously won't be riding Stinker in the clinic this weekend.  I have two ride times, and hopefully I have given one away to another girl.  I rode Pongo again today.  He is a good horse, but we just aren't clicking and I am not sure what to do with him.  I am going to try another horse tomorrow and see how it goes and then decide which one I am riding for the clinic.  One of my biggest struggles with Pongo is my dressage saddle doesn't fit him, so I am trying to ride in a "all purpose" saddle that leans more towards jumping.  I can not for the life of me keep my legs underneath my hips.  I am fighting for my position and that makes it hard to concentrate on the horse.  Tis the struggle of not having a custom saddle for every horse in the barn...a girl can dream.

Stinker is sorry he can't provide more stories...

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