Friday, April 15, 2016

PS of Sweden Chameleon Narrow Revolution

As I hinted on Monday (or if you saw my Instagram) I got a bridle!!  I have been stalking the website waiting to see what the new bridle was and I liked the looks of this one. I wasn't too sure about the exchangeable noseband padding, but when they put it on sale I pulled the trigger. I figured that if I got it and hated it I could wait for the sale to end and sell it easily and not lose money on it (I don't hate it).  It was waiting for me when I got back from Denver last Sunday.  I had actually forgotten that it was waiting for me at the barn and was doubly excited when I opened my locker and saw it.  In fact I was so excited I didn't even think about pictures (#bloggerfail) until after my ride.

PS of Sweden Chameleon Narrow Revolution (from website)

There are a few things that I don't like about it. One, the flash tab is not removable. I was super bummed about that. Two I am not sure how the Velcro will hold up to my abuse, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I didn't buy any additional padding colors because they only had boring colors (white, grey, brown, cream) plus Stinker has enough chrome and flash as it is. They are supposed to get some fun ones out in May, but I don't know if I will care enough to pay for the shipping on them.

So Handsome!

I do like the padding and wide crown piece. I have seen improvement in my last few rides, but I'm attributing it to our training not the bridle. I can't tell a difference in Stinker with the elastic cheek pieces/reins so I don't think it is magic and solve all problems. Overall, I really like the bridle so far and would buy it again at the introductory price ($287). I just looked at the regular price ($369) and went hell no. So the moral of the story is if you want one (I did) and you find it on sale get it. If not save your money.


  1. That is a great looking bridle. :-)

    1. Thanks. Sadly we lack the skills you and Courage have for modeling.

  2. It looks really great on him!

  3. I never noticed any magical difference with my PS - except that damn I like the way it looks! He looks great in it!