Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May Conformation

Tis the season for updated pictures.  I was less than pleased with his cooperation, but I guess it could have been worse.  He was wiggly and distracted and wouldn't relax.  I do think we lost a bit of ground with the under neck because I ditched the draw reins.  I was expecting that and honestly it has been much better than I anticipated.

I love that he looks a little chunky in this picture.

He was especially distracted on this side.

I gave up on this, because he kept swinging his butt to see what I was doing.

May is on top and February on the bottom.

I am so happy with his weight right now.  Yay for Timothy pellets!!  Overall, I think we are still moving in the right direction.  It is crazy how much he has been changing.  His butt is much more up and under him now.  He is standing in the same place, but in February his butt looks several inches lower than it does now.


  1. looks like he's finally shedding out that clip too!! lookin good!

    1. Slowly I keep waiting for the uneven butt lines to disappear but they are holding on for dear life. Thanks :)