Monday, May 16, 2016

Use Your Brain

It has been a rough weekend for the eventing community.  My heart goes out to those that have been touched by Phillippa Humphreys.  And also to those that knew Inoui Van Bost.  As always tragedies like these bring out the best and the worst in people.

For every person that donates to the college fund set up for Phillippa's daughter there is another one that is making senseless comments on the internet.  It makes me angry how quickly people jump to judge and don't think about how harmful their comments are.  Have some sympathy and tact.  You don't know whose news feed your comment is going to pop up on or who is a member of a group.

Now is the time to give your pony and your loved ones hugs, not to sit behind the screen and cause more pain to the people who are already hurting.  With that I am getting off my soapbox and going to hug the Stinker.

Even when you are naughty I love you.


  1. Ugh! I had someone basically call anyone who has this kind of accident, fatal or not, inept and a poor horseman. She backtracked with "that's not what I meant" and I was so angry about her comments, considering she doesn't event and has said in the past that she just doesn't get eventing either. I'm like, you're insulting the memory of a wonderful person who was quite a good rider. It was so upsetting. There should only be comments of sorrow and prayers for her family.