Monday, October 3, 2016

Horse Thief Blog Hop

I am going to take some liberties with this one, because I don't know how to follow rules.  Plus this guy is too cute not to share.  First up, the one I wish I could have.


I saw this handsome fellow on eventing nation and while I couldn't find him on the actual Canter PA website, I did find this video of him.  A sassy redhead is just what I like.  He is a 2013 model and 16.1 hands.  Not to mention that I love is name.  Yum yum!

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, I will get back to the actual question.  What horses would I steal from my friends/barn mates?  Honestly, there aren't that many horses at my barn that are my type of ride.  But there are a couple I would still steal.

First up, would be S's mare.  She is tall, leggy, and I love her.  I am sure I would have liked her even more in her younger years when she had more sass.  This mare is a beast on XC and loves her job.  What isn't there to love about a horse like that?

Next would be Pongo.  This guy totally snuck into my heart and I would have bought him in a heart beat if I could afford two horses.  He is going to be an amazing horse once he gets more miles on him.

Dat face!!! <3

Finally, I would totally steal Blue.  He is the opposite of everything I say I want, but he sure is fun.


  1. Lol that tb looks a little spazzy! I <3 Pongo too tho!!!

    1. I'm a little spazzy with a fondness for horses that are a little spazzy... :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know. Thank god he is way too far away otherwise I might do something totally idiotic.

  3. I saw that OTTB, just from his picture he looks like a handful, haha!

    1. Very much a handful. But sooooo pretty and looks like fun.