Monday, October 10, 2016

Quarter 4 Goals

I can't believe how quickly this year is blowing by.  Things haven't gone quite as I wanted, but overall I am happy with where we are.  I have come to terms with the fact that Stinker is not going to be a horse that you can push.  It has to be slow and methodical and you have to check back in with the basics all the time.

This + me = GOALS

Year Goals
  • Happy healthy Stinker (We are still trucking along)
  • Happy healthy human (I am doing ok with balancing things)
  • Build muscle in the correct places (It has slowed down a bit)
  • Build up strength (He is still coming along slowly)
  • Consistent walk/trot with leg yields (depends on the day)
Quarter 3 Human Goals
  • Eat more veggies (I fell off the wagon a bit due to stress)
  • Run 2-3 times per week (I was doing but see Q4)
  • Yoga (Still rather hit or miss)
Quarter 3 Stinker Goals
  • Keep building muscle and strength (I really need to use the trot work more effectively)
  • More trot work (We were doing more prior to brain loss)
  • Transitions, leg yields, shoulder fore (This had some decline due to ride ability issues)
More fancy less giraffe

Quarter 4 Human Goals
  • See Physical Therapist
    • I started having hip, back and knee pain when I increased my exercise load
    • I need to get myself lined out, so I can exercise effectively
  • Exercise 3-4 times per week outside of horses
    • I need to start swimming, because it doesn't strain my joints
  • Yoga and Pilates 2 times per week
    • This will help improve my core strength and ability to move my body independently
Quarter 4 Stinker Goals
  • Do not sacrifice the relaxation
    • This is key, because as soon as I lose relaxation I lose the ride ability
    • Relaxation is the base of everything
  • Canter transitions on lunge once a week
    • This will let me run him through things without adding the mental game of me riding
    • I want to put canter on hold until I have the trot totally rideable
  • Improve mobility and ride ability
    • I have to have him where he is ok with me putting his haunches and shoulders wherever I want them
    • He also has to let me choose the rhythm without losing the relaxation


  1. Those are great goals. I may just copy and paste them for myself. :)

  2. solid goals - especially the exercise ones!!

  3. Really solid goals! I might need to borrow some of these for my next "goals" post... :)

  4. I'm impressed that you were bold enough to put "eat more veggies". Blech. Things I cannot commit to...

    1. More is a relative term... I count pizza toppings as veggies currently :)

  5. I can't believe how fast this year is blowing by either!! Yay for keeping the relaxation train going - it's a very good goal for basically all of us I think ;)

    1. I'm pretty sure relaxation is going to be a life long goal for us

  6. Great goals! I'm totally with you about the relaxation. I admire your exercise goal - exercising 3-4 times/week outside of horses is way more than I can handle right now, I just aim for 5 times/week including horses, maybe I'll figure out how to get above that eventually though. Pilates is so good!

    1. So far I haven't been doing very well with it, so I would reserve judgment until December ;)