Friday, December 23, 2016

Fly On Over: Blogger Secret Santa

I love doing this gift exchange, because I always find a new blogs and I love giving presents.  As a side note, I am terrible this year I totally forgot to mail my present until I received mine.  I am so so sorry.  Anyway, this year, I got the most amazing present ever from Grace at The Horseback Artist.

Per usual I gave terrible instructions as to what to get me.  I am always so terrible at it because I will love anything and I have this weird thing that I don't want to make someone feel obligated to buy me something.  Basically, I am just a weirdo with issues... :)

Lead rope, cookies, and my new massage mitt

Anyway, I was so excited to open the package I didn't remember to take any pictures at the time.  The first thing I pulled out was a purple lead rope, which is awesome because I was just thinking that I should probably have a spare when I was hand walking a flying dragon on Sunday.  Also, included was a rubber massaging mitt, which may or may not ever make it out to the barn.  Seriously, my leg was bothering me and I used it on myself and loved it.  Stinker also got some treats which he will love.  And I always enjoy his cookie face.

My favorite part was the sketch that was included in the card.  I actually teared up a bit when I saw it.  I am trying to decide where I want to keep it.  Thank you for all the goodies Grace!


  1. This is lovely! I may have to join next year.

  2. Awesome!!! I may need details about that mitt... because you know, I need one that may or may not make it out to the barn too lol

  3. Ooh I love the colors!!! That grooming mitt looks awesome and Grace's art is always so wonderful :)

  4. Those mitts are AWESOME. My horse loves loves loves his.

  5. Enjoy, and you are most welcome <3 Stinker was so much fun to draw, he is a very good art muse (:

    1. He is pretty good at the majestic beast pose ;)
      Thanks again!