Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 In Rewind


I visited my favorite dressage judge, got a saddle, cheated on Stinker with her amazing fancy mare, we struggled with lingering hind end issues from the EPM.  We struggled at home with the riding, he was tense and over reactive and I struggled with the idea that he may not be able to ever do the things I want to do.  My parents met him for the first time.  Luckily, I was still riding Pongo and he provided a great distraction from my problems with Stinker.

Don't miss these days


I obsessed over everything a lot.  Pongo went to his first show with S and had some baby horse hiccups but did well overall.  I was debating about getting a PS of Sweden bridle (which is still my most popular post).


Stinker got some time off because he had ouchy feet from thrush (something I am still struggling with).  He was still pretty hit or miss on his reactions.  I was having fun jumping Pongo.

XC because walking got boring


I stopped riding Pongo (S and the girl that might purchase him were riding him more).  I was running out of content so I stole a post from Megan and wrote about Awards They Should Give.  I had my blogiversary.  I bought my PS of Sweden bridle, which I love but hate the noseband.


I did a post about a year post EPM.  The riding was improving slowly, but it was all quite boring at this point.  My obsession with fly bonnets and Dark Jewel Designs brow bands started.

Two more strands are on the way...and we won't talk about the number of bonnets


I finally got my H-girth (it was supposed to have been ordered when I got my saddle at the very beginning of January).  I played with other ponies.  I thought about showing and then promptly started freaking out the Stinker was having an EPM relapse.  It turned out just to be a slight saddle fit issue.


I did a post about making a solid citizen and ended up turning it into my very first blog hop.  I also started my very first contest this month (the olympic contest).  I wanted my horse to magically have a giant ass instead of having to take my time and slowly build up his hind end.


We started cantering again.  I whined about blankets not fitting my horse because he is an awkward shape.  I threatened to never get him another massage because he is such a brat after them.  And I announced the winners for the olympic contest (I swear you will get your prize Olivia.  I fail at being crafty.)


I started off the month with an attempt to go on a trail ride and had problems with spiders.  Things were pretty quite and then D came to visit.  After she left the wheels totally fell off the bus and the remainder of the month was me trying to put things back together.  I stole a horse and had my first jump lesson since I stopped riding Pongo back in April.


I got to have a lesson with my favorite dressage judge and then Stinker got to experience warm up at our schooling show.  I had originally planned on riding him in it, but after September I chose just to get him out and ride him around.  Towards the end of the month things started to cool down finally and he got a little sassy.

Staring intently at warmup


I found my magical feather (aka the neck strap) and we played with lots of ground poles.  I was reminded why I need to keep videoing myself when I ride (I haven't been any better about it).  The time change shifted me to AM rides which means I am getting up at 4:00 4:30 to ride my horse.  I talked about the ways Stinker is crooked (and wrote a post about me and then never finished it).  I actually have 5 unfinished posts from November.


We had three lessons with my favorite dressage judge, and I am working on getting him to stay over his back more consistently so we can really start building his topline.  Then we went to our first schooling show and blew my expectations out of the water.



  1. What a yar! You and Stinker made great progress.

    1. Thanks! I was a little surprised as I was going through everything for this post. It is so easy to get stuck in the day to day and miss the big picture.

  2. What awesome progress! From that first gif to ending with getting in the ring, staying in the ring, and getting a ribbon!

    1. I had kind of blocked the first part of the year from my brain and was shocked as I was going through all my old GIFs.

  3. That's a pretty impressive turnaround. That first gif is pretty crazy.

    1. He made huge progress even if I do forget about it because I tend to gloss over the past. I was tempted to cherry pick a better GIF but that was the norm at the time.

  4. The year definitely ended on the right note!

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