Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Redefining The Seasons

I saw this post from The Running, Riding, Writing Veterinarian and loved it, so I thought I would adapt it to fit me.  Of late, I have been dreading the coming of winter.  Typically I love fall, but as the days get shorter and cooler all I can think about is OMG I AM NEVER GOING TO RIDE MY HORSE THIS WINTER AND I MIGHT FREEZE TO DEATH BECAUSE I AM NOT USED TO ANYTHING BELOW FREEZING.  The freezing part has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I have unpacked none of my clothes and I am left with just my summer clothes.  I also might be a tad dramatic, but that probably isn't it either.

No drama llama here

At any rate Mel's post about redefining the seasons and tailoring your activities to fit the weather hit home with me.  Instead of sulking that I can't keep Stinker's socks sparkling white, I need to focus on the things I can do.

Fall (September and October)
-Enjoying the longer trail rides in the cooler weather on the weekend
-Master the 20 minute rides during the weekday
-Use the longer evening hours to catch up on blogs/work

Winter (November-Feburary/March/please end soon)
-Tack cleaning and grooming sessions when the weather is crap
-Weekends are for hauling to an indoor to get a decent school in
-Utilize the sandy trails when my ring isn't useable

Spring (March/April)
-Celebrate the longer days
-Start making goals for the year
-Start enjoying the hills again

Summer (May-August)
-Be happy I am not in the South anymore
-Enjoy the long days
-Keep the same schedule I did this summer

My main goal is to remind myself that not riding 5-6 days a week isn't the end of the world.  I have been so focused on getting Stinker strong that I am afraid to lighten the load.  Earlier this year with the move and all the life changes surrounding it I was unable to keep him in steady work.  And he was fine.  A light winter will be fine for us, and we will be back having fun exploring adventures before I know it.


  1. You will adjust. I don't mind not riding in jan-feb because the cold is just too much. Plus it gives me time to do other things- did you know that there are 'other things' that not horse things? :D

  2. I'm curious to see how your winter is. What a fun adventure!

    1. Can we fast forward to spring? You know so you don't have to wait for an answer 😛

  3. Your winter really shouldn't be too bad. I tend to get nothing done in winter because I refuse to get up early in the morning, but prior to this last winter, weather wasn't really the reason.

    1. Mostly it's just the dark that gets me. I like the sun and when I'm stuck inside at work and don't get much daylight I get very sulky.

  4. I've always loved fall and winter. Yeah the weather is miserable (or relatively so for california) though I've always been fortunate to have a covered arena so not much changes.