Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dream Horse

Awhile back Olivia posted about the perfect horse, and I am finally getting around hopping on the dream horse wagon.  I have actually been giving this a lot of thought lately, because I know Stinker's body is limiting.  Back when I got him, I didn't have a long list of wants.  I believe my list was something along the lines of fun, has potential, and not grey.  Which he checked all of the boxes, but the future horse is going to have some higher standards.  It is no secret that I absolutely adore Stinker, but there are definitely things I don't enjoy about him.

Sass monster

So what would this dream horse look like?  I really don't have a color preference other than not grey.  Honestly, I would prefer less white on the legs too.  Basically anything that doesn't show a lot of dirt is fine by me.  Don't get me wrong, I love chrome on a horse when it is clean.  But keeping it clean makes me a little nuts, plus #effor.  As far as size goes as long as I don't look ridiculous on them I don't care too much.  I do lean towards smaller quick horses.

Only stay white for 30 seconds

Personality wise, Stinker has a lot going for him in the dream horse department.  He is very personable and fun to be around.  Plus he has a ton of heart.  The horse never quits.  He may get frazzled and need a moment to get the brain back, but he keeps trying.  The licking is a little weird, but I will keep the weird because he always manages to put a smile on my face.  So dream horse is a little weird with tons of heart and try.

Such a goober

Conformation wise, in the words of my old vet, I would like to see myself with "something that is put together a little better."  Poor Stinker shows his backyard roots when it comes to his conformation.  But dream horse will be put together more correctly and hopefully won't have neurological issues.  The bar was set pretty low in this area.

Everything slides back.  Way back.

What will dream horse do???  A little of everything.  Obviously, I really like dressage so I would love for dream horse to at least get me my bronze medal.  It would also be cool like Hampton and be able to go dabble in eventing (I have come to the conclusion that I don't have the balls for anything above BN).  And maybe if I get a really wild hair be able to do a 25 mile endurance ride.  Dream horse definitely will be good on the trails, because I like having the ability to get out and explore.

Exploring is a must

Hopefully, Stinker will have quite a few more years before his body starts saying no, but in the meantime I will keep dreaming on dream horse.  Who knows by the time I am actually looking I might have totally changed what my dreams are.  All I know for sure is it has to be cob sized so I don't have to start over with my tack collection.


  1. Ugh the tack collection struggle is real. #effor

  2. I know where you can get some adorable cob sized horses this weekend. Hint hint.

  3. Yeah you never know what your hearts desire will be in a few years!

    1. I'll have to remember to revisit this when next horse happens.

  4. My dream horse is JR's personality in a taller, better-built body... but younger and sound, obviously.