Thursday, October 12, 2017

If It Fits...

I have been worried about the fit of my saddle for the last few weeks, but Stinker has been going so well I convinced myself that it was still fitting ok.  He has a history of being very dramatic about saddle fit, so I was depending on that as notification that things were not right.  Unfortunately, the saddle fitter that is kind of sort of local (ok not really but I think he does come to this area) is in the UK for the next few weeks.  Which means I just shipped my saddle off to Florida to my old saddle fitter.


The good news is she is changing out the panels and the head plate, because someone has been packing on the muscle and the weight.  The bad news is my saddle isn't going to be delivered for a week, then she needs to make the changes and ship it back.  I am most likely going to be without a saddle for three weeks.  Sob.

What happens to me if I try to ride bareback

I am really bummed I had to cancel my lesson this weekend.  I am also sad to miss out on riding in the fabulous fall weather we have been having.  But my plan is to do ground work with him to keep him in shape and using his back.  And then steal Cowboy on the days my mom isn't riding him and see if I can start getting him more supple for her.  Hopefully this will give Stinker a nice little break and he will come back even happier.

Exploring is on hold for the moment

I felt bad because his back was sore yesterday morning.  But by evening he was no longer reactive, so I think I caught things early enough it won't be a big deal.  Here is to being neurotic and obsessive I guess.  Plus it is way way way cheaper to be able to send my saddle off for an overhaul vs being saddle shopping, so I really shouldn't complain.  Heck I might even get around to organizing my tack room, getting ground poles, and all of my other projects I have planned.


  1. Here's a vote for organizing your tack room. You know why 😋

    But at any rate, glad you caught it early before it became a major issue! And WOW saddles FTW letting you get it adjusted so you don't have to saddle shop!

    1. Yes organize your tack room! I cleaned and reorganized my trunk last weekend :)

    2. I really should get on that. I'm still working out of boxes.

  2. Hahaha your neurosis to the rescue!!

  3. I'm glad that caught it. Definitely use this time to organize and get some projects done.