Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Yes Dear

I am quite good at being super awkward and embarrassing the crap out of myself, but my latest one is too funny not to share.

Monday I was driving home and I had been talking to my mom and I wanted to get off the phone but she kept having one more thing.  I finally got off the phone with her and almost immediately it started ringing again.  I answered it without looking at the called ID.  First mistake.

Second mistake was me saying, "Yes dear?"

There was a long pause and then a decidedly male voice, "May I speak with blah blah?"

Of course I get flustered and start stuttering while frantically trying to see the caller ID to figure out who the hell I was talking to.  It was the farrier calling to schedule the appointment this week.

I stammered something about how I thought I was talking to someone else.  Duh.  He was very polite and didn't laugh at me while on the phone (he is a much better person than I am).  And thankfully, I was at work during the appointment so I don't have to see him for another five weeks.  Hopefully next time I can remember to look at the caller ID.