Monday, December 11, 2017

Goal Wrap Up

I blew off the fourth quarter goals.  Mostly because I can't keep track of time and I totally forgot about them, then I got lazy and didn't feel like writing something up for the very end.  Also, this year turned out to be a hot mess for me personally so I was relieved just to survive and to have Stinker doing so well.  Overall, I hit most of my year goals for him.

2017 Year Goals

  • Solid WTC (Kind of sort of.  We aren't solid in the canter, but we are cantering some)
  • Travel new places (Well I think half way across the country ought to count.  He did better than I could have hoped for)
  • Schooling shows (This was more to help prep for moving, and now he gets hauled to lessons 2-3 times a month)
  • Happy and healthy (So far so good!)
  • Improve my position (I am making some progress, but there is still lots of room for improvement.)
  • Get my stress shopping under control (Depended on the month.  I am just going to go with not thinking about this month.)
  • Improve my fitness (I alternated between stress shopping and stress eating and sometimes both.  Neither of which help the fitness)

I am still impressed that anything was accomplished.  Moving consumed a large portion of my spring/summer, then adjusting to all the life changes was challenging.  Hopefully things well settle down into a holding pattern this winter and next year will be a little less challenging.


  1. It's hard to stay on track for goals normally, much less when you uproot your entire life and move across the country -- I think you did pretty darn well ☺️

    1. The only thing I was really hoping for was for him not to have an EPM relapse. Everything else is icing on the cake

  2. Moving really takes a lot more time than you think it will. Cross country even more so, I'm sure. You did accomplish your overall goals though, which is pretty fantastic.

    1. I keep saying I'm never moving again, but I'll see how long that lasts.

    2. Putting my name in line for first dibs on your place if you leave 😝 those views 😍

  3. I still have no idea how you got through this year.

  4. That cross country move definitely counts lol