Friday, December 1, 2017

Making The Most Of It

I seem to be very short on time of late, but I am getting to be a pro at 20-30 minute rides during the week.  I think it has actually been really helpful for Stinker.  Nothing gets drilled over and over again.  He has to go right to work and then we are done.  Considering how well he is going, I think it is much better than longer rides because I don't have time to get fixated on one thing.

I am still doing some trail riding, but I have cut way back since his saddle fit still isn't 100%.  Hopefully that will be resolved next week.  It was supposed to happen last month, but the fitter had an accident and broke some ribs and was unable to travel.  I can't wait since it feels unfair when things aren't just right.


  1. Being frequently short of time myself, I love those 20-30 minute rides! And it sounds like you have Stinker in a place to maximize their usefulness ☺️

  2. In those months where its hardest to get out and productively ride, any ride counts IMO!

  3. I can't lie, I typically only ever ride for 20-30 minutes, with once a week 45-60 minute lessons.

  4. I love being able to 20-30 minute rides. Those are harder with Carmen because it can often take her 20 minutes to just say 'okay, I guess we'll do it your way'. I'm hopeful that she will improve!

    1. Hopefully it will for her. This is the first year he things really clicked for him.

  5. I miss your trail ride photos. They are amazing.