Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Just A Tweak

After a lot of back and forth and scheduling issues I finally got the saddle fitter out to double check the adjustments that my old fitter had done off of pictures.  Something had felt off and Stinker didn't feel like he was totally comfortable, but I couldn't pinpoint what was wrong nor did trainer notice anything.

He didn't think much of his hat

The fitter looked at the saddle and looked at Stinker and said things looked really good.  Especially when you consider all the changes had been made remotely.  He wiggled and fiddled and finally said that the left font pocket might need a touch more air.

Sunrise barn door

Stinker fidgeted quite a bit when I was tacking him up and got a little antsy at the block (standard signs he isn't totally comfortable).  He started off pretty tense but after a few circles he sighed and relaxed.  I guess the tiny bit of air made a big difference for him.  He has been really good since the adjustment and the fidgeting has decreased quite a bit.  It is nice that he lets me know when there is a little problem before it becomes a big problem.


  1. Good for you for noticing. I think saddles are like shoes- a little tight can mean a lot of discomfort.

  2. Glad it was only a minor tweaks and that things are better already!

  3. That is quite impressive it only needed a little adjustment

  4. Wow that is really impressive. You've got a regular princess and the pea story there. Glad it was something you could fix though.

  5. He really takes sensitive to a whole new level. Glad you got things sorted out.

    1. It's nice because there is not a guessing game but also annoying when you are trying to figure out what is the one little thing bothering him