Friday, July 31, 2015

Clinic with D

Can I just say OMG and squeal like a little girl?  I had forgotten how great lessons with D are.  Things did not go as planned, but over all the weekend was awesome.  I had three lessons and I had to work my ass off.  My legs are like jello right now and I love it.

One of the biggest take aways from the weekend is I seem to have a problem with forgetting that I do know how to ride.  I know that I can ride, but when I start focusing on dressage I seem to forget that I know what I am doing.  D yelled at me and forced me to think and really ask for what I want.  I get the horse about half way there and then start doubting myself and I say, "This is enough." In reality I need to be saying you can give me more. Here is your happy place let's work within these parameters.

My first lesson, I rode Pongo. He struggles with bending to the left. Just like another little stinker I know. Pongo is really good for me because it is the same issues and aids but at a slower pace. Stinker tries to run out of all my aids and I get discombobulated. Things are slower with Pongo, so I can get everything established then the faster pace won't mess me up as easily. By the end, we were both drenched but the difference in Pongo was amazing. There is video below but please excuse the length and videoing skills. I still haven't figured out how to edit my videos. Damn work keeps getting in the way.

Day two. I go to get Pongo and he has pulled a shoe. He was so lame he was gimping at the walk. I was so disappointed. D was finally here and I have two broken ponies. Luckily S said I could borrow Rocky. He belongs to one of the teenage girls and she was at the beach. I told S to make sure the owner was ok with borrowing Rocky and S said ok I will text her.

Rocky is another TB for sure and possibly an OTTB. He came from the hunter/jumper world. I had never ridden him before and holy cow he made me work. He was determined not to give and it took everything I had to get him suppled, but again D got us to a really nice place. There is more video. I recommend jumping around to see the changes.

I checked with S and was told it was fine to borrow Rocky again for a third lesson Monday. It was similar but much easier than Sunday. Overall, he is an awesome little horse and I have no idea how his owner rides him. She is an absolute twig, but they make an adorable pair.

Overall the weekend was a huge success. The other riders that ride with D loved their lessons (even if there was a bet going around that one of the girls was going to puke). And I got a huge boost in my confidence. D is great because she busts your butt, breaks your issues down, and builds your confidence all in one session. I just wish I had access to her on a more regular basis.

Sweaty Tired Rocky

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